Hunting & Fishing

Early Warning: Steelhead runs may come sooner than expected

Weird weather since spring has everything off schedule, and anglers are reporting fish stacking up off shore and a few sporadic catches.

Outdoors notebook: Report charts climate change by driving for brook trout

Native to clean, cold-water streams, the brook trout is popular among anglers and considered an indicator of water quality.



Biking: Pinkerton Tunnel to reopen for bicyclists in mid-September

Mid-September reopening almost sure thing for Pinkerton Tunnel, and bicyclists will love it.

State Game Commission proposes increasing hunting license fees

The plan unveiled today would boost the cost of an adult resident hunting license by $20 over five years.



Hays eagle cam is back

The female bald eagle alights to a new perch after leaving her two remaining chicks in their nest in the Hays neighborhood of Pittsburgh on Aug. 10.
Watch eagles live in their nest in the Hays neighborhood of Pittsburgh.