Hunting & Fishing

Interest in shotgunning games varies among wing shooters

Not all clay target shooters step into a time machine every time they call “pull,” and can vary greatly in their reasons for partaking.

Outdoors notebook: Study says trout are in trouble

In a report released last week, biologists evaluated the health and sustainability of American trout and char populations.



Wildlife: New threat to everyone's favorite turtle

Ranavirus infects at least 25 species of turtles and amphibians and has been detected in 26 states since 1997.

Ride or shine, rain doesn't stop some bicyclists

Rain can be seen as a bicyclist friend or foe. Here are some tips if you are caught in a downpour.


Ski & Snow Sports

Snow sports: Laurel Mountain plans include making ski area larger

The increase in size — from 63 acres to 72 acres — will be the result of re-grading and widening two intermediate trails and Deer Path.


Hays eagle cam is back

The female bald eagle alights to a new perch after leaving her two remaining chicks in their nest in the Hays neighborhood of Pittsburgh on Aug. 10.
Watch eagles live in their nest in the Hays neighborhood of Pittsburgh.