Greek dance: With the vote over, the country must get realistic

The Greeks’ referendum can be seen as a dramatic and even expected expression of independence in the face of internationally imposed

Top-flight fine: In Pennsylvania, killers of bald eagles should pay

The bald eagle was removed from the national endangered and threatened species list in 2007.

Criminal acts: Hamas and Israel must account for Gaza violence

Investigators said Israel violated international law in its two-month offensive against Hamas.

Super goal: Hosting the NFL title game should be a priority

Pittsburgh would be an ideal place for the National Football League to hold its 2023 Super Bowl.

Island debtor: Congress must focus on helping Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico debt crisis, resolved for the moment but with $72 billion still to be addressed down the road, requires urgent action.


David Shribman

David M. Shribman: The Joe Biden (mini-)boom

He’d have a hard time winning the presidency, but he could help Hillary Clinton.


Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill: Sylvia Burnett dying to host one final blowout

She knows the best time to throw her last party — sometime before she dies. But don’t call it a “funeral party.”


Tony Norman

Tony Norman: Donald Trump’s bigotry offers the GOP a great chance to renounce him.

This performance art he’s engaging in has nothing to do with securing enough delegates to win the Republican nomination, Tony Norman writes.


Reg Henry

Reg Henry: Marriage decision timed to perfection

Court’s timing on gay marriage decision couldn’t have been better.


Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson: Americans have allowed guns to spread and unions to fail

Americans are acting against their own best interests by allowing unions to be smothered and by not controlling guns.