Super goal: Hosting the NFL title game should be a priority

Pittsburgh would be an ideal place for the National Football League to hold its 2023 Super Bowl.

Island debtor: Congress must focus on helping Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico debt crisis, resolved for the moment but with $72 billion still to be addressed down the road, requires urgent action.

Planet in peril: Humans must act against a new mass extinction

A study by researchers at respected universities concludes that species are disappearing 114 times faster than they would normally.

Wolf vs. Pa.: Only the governor wants a state liquor monopoly

Now that Pennsylvania’s House and Senate have passed liquor privatization, only one person stands in the way: Gov. Tom Wolf.

Avoidable disease: For too many, all it takes is modern sanitation

A United Nations report shows millions of lives can be saved with modern toilet facilities.


David Shribman

David M. Shribman: The Joe Biden (mini-)boom

He’d have a hard time winning the presidency, but he could help Hillary Clinton.


Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill: Sylvia Burnett dying to host one final blowout

She knows the best time to throw her last party — sometime before she dies. But don’t call it a “funeral party.”


Reg Henry

Reg Henry: Marriage decision timed to perfection

Court’s timing on gay marriage decision couldn’t have been better.


Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson: Americans have allowed guns to spread and unions to fail

Americans are acting against their own best interests by allowing unions to be smothered and by not controlling guns.