Boosting business: A higher county hotel tax could lure bigger events

The region’s leading tourism agency says it needs more revenue to compete for conventions and other big-money events.

Egypt in disarray: The military regime faces growing opposition

Egypt, under President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and U.S. policy, could be headed downhill toward the chaos of nearby Libya, Syria and Yemen.

Pluto’s close-up: New Horizons zeroes in on its celestial target

For 90 minutes, New Horizons lost contact with Earth. Fortunately, the probe is still fully operational and on course for its Pluto flyby.

Greek dance: With the vote over, the country must get realistic

The Greeks’ referendum can be seen as a dramatic and even expected expression of independence in the face of internationally imposed

Top-flight fine: In Pennsylvania, killers of bald eagles should pay

The bald eagle was removed from the national endangered and threatened species list in 2007.


David Shribman

David M. Shribman: The Joe Biden (mini-)boom

He’d have a hard time winning the presidency, but he could help Hillary Clinton.


Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill: Sylvia Burnett dying to host one final blowout

She knows the best time to throw her last party — sometime before she dies. But don’t call it a “funeral party.”


Tony Norman

Tony Norman: Donald Trump’s bigotry offers the GOP a great chance to renounce him.

This performance art he’s engaging in has nothing to do with securing enough delegates to win the Republican nomination, Tony Norman writes.