Monumental misstep: Obama should have taken input on Mt. McKinley

There is a process for naming monuments, and President Barack Obama should not have side-stepped it.

A stronger PSO: Dick Simmons safeguarded a Pittsburgh asset

The former chairman and CEO of Allegheny Technologies led the Pittsburgh Symphony board for a generation.

Deal assured: The Iran accord is the best option for the future

President Barack Obama has achieved comparable support for the Iran deal in the House of Representatives.

Road to the future: A state grant would unlock the city’s Almono site

The Urban Redevelopment Authority is seeking a $3 million state grant to help pay for a $7.2 million road.

Well maintained: The public needs assurance from oil and gas sites

Oil and gas companies in Pennsylvania must provide evidence that their active wells are structurally sound with no leaks or decay.


David Shribman

David M. Shribman: The perils of New Hampshire

The Granite State’s primary has a history of upending frontrunners.


Tony Norman

Tony Norman: Denali critics seriously boggle the mind

Wayward criticism of Obama’s renaming a mountain would be funny satire if people weren’t seriously deranged.


Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson: Candidates, focus on real issues — economic inequality and role of the military

Economic inequality threatens the principles of American success and the well-being of the economy. The highest priority: tax reform.


Jennifer Graham

Jennifer Graham: Meet Glenn Beck’s ghostwriter

That would be Harriet Parke, a Pittsburgh-area grandmother turned novelist in retirement.


Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly: Clinton’s lifeline

The vice president’s entry into the race would complicate life for Hillary Clinton.


Ruth Ann Dailey

Ruth Ann Dailey: The sound and fury of constant outrage

Outrage is sometimes appropriate and necessary, but this summer it has seemed corrosive. Wearying.


Gary Rotstein

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Checking if you’ve been following summer’s news

A multiple-choice quiz about animal safety, the snubbing of Pittsburgh, soccer sensations and, of course, Steelers stuff.