Jailhouse care: The county will spend more but keep control

You get what you pay for. Allegheny County learned that lesson when it hired Corizon Health in 2013 to provide care for inmates in its jail.

Historic revision: Relocating statues doesn’t change America’s past

Efforts to erase all discomfiting traces of America’s checkered past are futile and wrong.

Talks on Cyprus: The Greeks and Turks can solve an old problem

This could be the moment for Greece and Turkey to push hard on the Cypriots to resolve the 41-year-old problem of the division of Cyprus.

Budget travesty: State officials need to share in the pain

Why have the elected officials, salaried administrators and hourly workers been immune from fallout from this summer’s budget stalemate?

Clinton’s email mess: The issue is growing for the Dems’ front-runner

Any other American diplomat would have been severely disciplined and could even have been fired for doing what she did.


David Shribman

David M. Shribman: The perils of New Hampshire

The Granite State’s primary has a history of upending frontrunners.


Tony Norman

Tony Norman: Safeguard yourself by recording police

Bad policing that can escalate into violence is as much a threat to black people as someone like Shannon Miles is to police officers.


Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson: Candidates, focus on real issues — economic inequality and role of the military

Economic inequality threatens the principles of American success and the well-being of the economy. The highest priority: tax reform.


Jennifer Graham

Jennifer Graham: Meet Glenn Beck’s ghostwriter

That would be Harriet Parke, a Pittsburgh-area grandmother turned novelist in retirement.


Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly: Clinton’s lifeline

The vice president’s entry into the race would complicate life for Hillary Clinton.


Ruth Ann Dailey

Ruth Ann Dailey: The sound and fury of constant outrage

Outrage is sometimes appropriate and necessary, but this summer it has seemed corrosive. Wearying.


Gary Rotstein

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Checking if you’ve been following summer’s news

A multiple-choice quiz about animal safety, the snubbing of Pittsburgh, soccer sensations and, of course, Steelers stuff.