The pope’s message: In Africa, Francis preached lessons for all nations

Francis addressed the problems of corruption, chaos and presidents who stay in office too long.

Born too soon: Reducing early births must be a national priority

The March of Dimes has a goal of reducing the rate of preterm births in the United States.

Biowar boondoggle: An early-warning system is mired in false alarms

The government’s system for identifying dangerous pathogens just isn’t working.

Slow-motion justice: Chicago waited a year for charges in teen’s death

The shooting of Laquan McDonald, 17, by Officer Jason Van Dyke was captured on the dashboard camera of one of the police cars at the scene.

Fair housing: Public units should be for those most in need

Families in public housing continue to enjoy benefits even when their income substantially rises, which is unfair to those on waiting lists.


David Shribman

David M. Shribman: More Reagan than Reagan

Republican Gov. Meldrim Thomson Jr. of New Hampshire served up his devoutly conservative view of the world -- along with his own pancakes.


Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill: The Clemente touch lures Cuban boxers to Pittsburgh

The brainchild of Mike Diven from Brookline, Cubans will meet local boxers for friendly competition on the Clemente Bridge in July.


Tony Norman

Tony Norman: That was a terrorist attack in Colorado

Anyone who fires at officers and civilians inside a Planned Parenthood office is engaging in terrorism, not civil disobedience.


Reg Henry

Reg Henry: Nothing to fear except fearful common sense

Common sense suggests we defeat Islamic terrorism with the help of decent Muslims who want to be our friends.


Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson: You have to laugh

Or our politics and foreign policies will make you cry.


Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly: Good guys with guns

Mass shootings almost always end with shooters getting shot.


Ruth Ann Dailey

Ruth Ann Dailey: Refugees need compassion; Americans deserve respect

Our fear is not hysterical. It is completely rational. Rhetoric that asserts the contrary is not only illogical, it is bullying.