Secret cameras: Pittsburghers deserve a citizen-friendly policy

We don’t want to become the City of Big Brotherly Love.

Turkey’s trials: The United States risks a deeper entanglement

The relationships between Turkey, the Kurds, the Islamic State group and NATO is getting more and more complicated.

Prison politics: Obama makes criminal justice reform a priority

Many have called for fundamental criminal justice reforms for more than a decade. But better late than never.

Humane ruling: A judge orders civility for immigrant children

A federal judge in California has told the U.S. government it cannot detain immigrant families indefinitely in punishing conditions.

Meals on wheels: The city can do more to spur food truck business

The food trucks that are in business in Pittsburgh typically rely on Twitter and Facebook to let customers know where they’ll be and when.


David Shribman

David M. Shribman: The Ozzie-and-Harriet revolution

Gay activists’ family values had a lot to do with the acceptance of same-sex marriage.


Tony Norman

Tony Norman: Gun nut Rick Perry reaches a new low

The languishing GOP presidential candidate responds to the Lafayette movie theater mass shooting with the worst solution: more guns


Reg Henry

Reg Henry: If a man falls in the woods, who hears?

Hiking in the Adirondacks, I made one false move and, boom, a wounded ankle. What ensued was a parable for our times.


Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson: The U.S. isn’t helping Africa

We cause our African allies more problems than we help them solve.


Jennifer Graham

Jennifer Graham: The American family, hacked

The American family is failing, at least in part because the Internet has made it so easy to cheat.


Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly: Trump tells it like it is

And he’s willing to take on illegal immigration.


Ruth Ann Dailey

Ruth Ann Dailey: As Planned Parenthood squirms, America reflects

Pro-life advocates, don’t falter right now: the video exposing Planned Parenthood’s inhumane procedures is a moment to rally support.


Diana Nelson Jones

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: North Side public art runs into city 'bureaucrazy'

The Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center is enriching the neighborhood with bold art on vacant lots. Then a letter from the city arrrived ...


Gary Rotstein

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: On a faraway planet, they're making plans

Earth is looking harder for life on other planets, but don’t expect the universe to have a positive reaction.