Pittsburgh police use crime scene tape to seal off a dwelling in the 1600 block of Sandusky Court on the North Side where a toddler was shot in the chest.
John Heller/Post-Gazette
Pittsburgh police use crime scene tape to seal off a dwelling in the 1600 block of Sandusky Court on the North Side where a toddler was shot in the chest.

Two-year-old shot and killed in North Side, police say

A man who was in the apartment at the time of the shooting was taken to police headquarters on the North Side to be questioned.

 Steelers receiver Martavis Bryant will miss the first four games of the season.

Tomlin: Steelers' Martavis Bryant has 'issues ... bigger than football'

The wide receiver, suspended four games for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, said “I own up to my mistake.”

  • Mike Tomlin discusses losing Bryant, acquiring Scobee

  •  The LSTs were designed in 1942 to land battle-ready tanks, vehicles, soldiers and supplies directly onto enemy beaches during World War II.

    World War II ship makes stop in Pittsburgh waters

    The landing ship, tank -- known as the USS LST 325 -- carried Sherman tanks to the front lines of some of the war’s defining battles.

     Bob Kramer stands near the heat pump at his Economy home. He recently discovered he'd been in the wrong rate class for electric heating for 14 years, as a previous homeowner had installed a heat pump, and Mr. Kramer filed a formal compliant with the Pennsylvania PUC.

    Efficient heating appliances could mean lost savings for some homeowners

    Some electric customers, in altering their homes to be more energy efficient, could be paying too much for service due to a billing error.

     "We need to be prepared for the possibility that Iran will violate the agreement,” Sen. Bob Casey said.

    Sen. Bob Casey says he will support Iran nuclear deal

    “It is the best option available to us at this time,” the Democratic senator said today.

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    Top Workplaces 2015

    Downtown Pittsburgh is in a glow as daylight penetrates the low layer of clouds.
    Who are the best employers in the Pittsburgh area?

    In total, WorkplaceDynamics invited 1,401 companies to participate and surveyed 126 of them. The organizations employ 25,397 people in Greater Pittsburgh. Click here to browse their stories.


    Gabrielle Johnson-Thomas writes on a whiteboard during her first day of kindergarten at Manchester Academic Charter on August 26, 2015.
    Recess, whiteboard and waiting in straight lines -- welcome back to school!

    Students in the Pittsburgh region headed back to the classrooms this week, and several of the Post-Gazette's visual journalists were there to capture their returns.

    Browse our wide view images from the first days of school across the area, and upload your own moments and memories on our MyBurgh page.

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    Pitt paleontologist wants to limit the genus Homo to Homo sapiens

    Pitt’s Jeffrey Schwartz stirs controversy with his Science magazine article stating that some human species don’t belong in the genus Homo.

    Pope: Priests in Holy Year can absolve 'sin of abortion'

    Pope Francis is making it possible for women to confess directly to any Catholic priest, who can grant absolution.


    25th New Works Festival draws plays from all over

    The city’s festival of new plays brings together writers worldwide with local theater companies to produce a dozen world premieres.

    PEOPLE: Josh and Gab, Barack Obama, the MTV Video Music Awards and more!

    “The Josh and Gab Show” creators are shopping around a new talk show for children.


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