J.A. Happ gets the start today in the regular-season finale against the Reds.
Joe Robbins/Getty Images
J.A. Happ gets the start today in the regular-season finale against the Reds.

Pirates' Happ ready for today's finale against the Reds

J.A. Happ has waited a long time to pitch again in a meaningful late-season baseball game, like today’s regular-season finale at 3:05 p.m.

 The educational preferences of employers introduce a “potentially significant barrier to economic self-sufficiency” for those without a four-year degree, researchers wrote.

As employers demand degrees, high-paying jobs remain out of reach for many

The share of higher-wage jobs for workers without a four-year college degree has shrunk, although Pittsburgh ranks higher than many cities.

 The Women’s Center & Shelter’s launched a $10.9 million capital campaign, “Shelter from the Storm,” for interior and exterior renovations to the facility in the East End. This image is from materials put together for the campaign.

Heavy demand inspires campaign to raise $10.9 million for Pittsburgh women's shelter

Women’s Center & Shelter aims to raise the money for facility renovations including more beds, open spaces and beefed up security.

 “We’ll be continually affirming the teaching of the church, and now we have to find ways to reach out and be there for people who have a great deal of difficulty living up to that teaching,” Cardinal Donald Wuerl said.

Vatican synod on family builds on pope's visit

The pope today is convening a summit of bishops at the Vatican that runs through Oct. 25.

 A sign that reads "Not in My Yard *No Bows & Arrows * No Hunting * No Way" sits in a yard near the intersection of Twin Hills Drive and Meadowcroft Avenue in Mt. Lebanon.

Details of Mt. Lebanon deer hunting remain private by law

Some residents want information on where archers are shooting deer in Mt. Lebanon.

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It’s true: Pittsburghers tend to stay put in their homes

“What you have in Pittsburgh is rare,” said the director of survey research and communication for the National Association of Realtors.

Two IUP football players charged in Saturday night assault

Two Indiana University of Pennsylvania football players and a third man are facing multiple charges, including assault, theft and




Beer Me with Mike Pound promo, Oct. 2, 2015
Nick Bogacz, owner of Caliente Pizza and Draft Houses, took a leap when he got into the pizza business. His first location in Bloomfield had a catch: It came with a liquor license.

That hard work paid off, and Caliente has exploded into the city's craft beer consciousness. Mike Pound visits Mr. Bogacz in the latest entry on the "Beer Me" blog.

And explore more Western Pa. beer and breweries right here.


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Doctors Without Borders says it is leaving Kunduz after strike on hospital

The group’s withdrawal announced a day after an airstrike kills 22 and injures 37 others.

Joe Giansante, the teacher who's fighting his dismissal

“I can’t let something go, not when I know I’m right. ... Call me unsatisfactory? That’s a guy who doesn’t try,” says Mr. Giansante.


WorkZone: Even short walks can help fight effects of sedentary work

Researchers at the University of Missouri found even 10-minute jaunts can help offset reduced blood flow caused by sitting.

Len Boselovic's Heard Off the Street: Fed-driven low interest rates pushed crowds of seniors to risky alternatives

Perpetually low interest rates raise the question of how much trouble yield-seeking investors can get themselves into.


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Many travelers going the Airbnb route

With millions of listings, Airbnb can provide some worthy alternatives to pricey hotels, but like anything, do your homework.

Stylebook snapshot: New Whitney Museum highlights NYC's trendy Meatpacking District

The neighborhood in lower Manhattan is home to the new Whitney Museum of American Art, designer fashion stores, fine restaurants and more.


Kevin Kutz and Kathleen Zimbicki shine at Loretto

Large solo exhibitions of work by Kevin Kutz and Kathleen Zimbicki at Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Loretto reveal artists’ lives.

Stage preview: With fall comes the seasonal satire of 'Off the Record'

“Off The Record XV: ’Burgh Man!” dishes up fun at the expense of the Pittsburgh region’s newsmakers.


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Here’s how to fill those construction jobs

Make sure workers are paid fairly and kept safe on the job site, urges union leader.

Fighting medical fraud: Prosecutor David Hickton forges ahead without help

The U.S. attorney is committing his office’s resources to complex investigations and could use an assist from Washington.


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