Starling Marte argues with home plate umpire Kerwin Danley after being called out on strikes in the third inning against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park.
Joe Robbins/Getty Images
Starling Marte argues with home plate umpire Kerwin Danley after being called out on strikes in the third inning against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park.

Starling Marte saves the night in 5-4 win against Reds

The Pirates closed July with a National League-best 17-9 record, matching their mark in June.

 Leslie Clague, a community outreach coordinator, stands at the door to the Polish Hill Civic Association where she is the only staff.

HUD’s income data update to cut funding in some Pittsburgh communities

The Polish Hill Civic Association will close its office as a result of funding cuts that also affect several other city neighborhoods.

 The Boy Scouts’ New York chapter announced in April it hired Tessier as the nation’s first openly gay Eagle Scout as a summer camp leader in public contrast to the national scouting organization’s ban on openly gay adult members.

Pittsburgh reaction on Scouts’ gay policy mixed

One local advocate characterized the decision as a "monumental step back", but others said they were heartened by the push for equality.

 115 West Hutchinson Ave. in Edgewood is for sale.

Buying Here: Nearly century-old house in Edgewood is colorful, comfortable

The house is on the market for $299,000 with Bernie Kuhn of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. It's open by appointment.

 Robert Crissman, an inmate who escaped from a work-release program on Thursday, leaves the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Kittanning after being arraigned Friday before District Justice James Owen. Crissman will be held at the Butler County Jail.

Armstrong fugitive with no history of violent behavior charged with killing woman

Robert Crissman, 38, was captured Friday morning and arraigned in a proceeding from which reporters were banned.

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    Two injured in Homestead, Munhall shootings

    The first shooting happened in Munhall at around 10:40 p.m. and the other incident occurred on 13th Avenue.

    Richard E. Fuhrer / Insurance exec’s other passion was golf

    Former Oakmont Country Club president died of Parkinson’s disease.



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    Europe baffled and bemused by Trump's presidential bid

    His bid to become president of the United States has got people scratching their heads.

    Jewish extremists suspected in West Bank fire

    A Palestinian toddler died Friday in a firebombing of a house in the West Bank that was being attributed to extremist Jewish settlers.


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    Discover Manchester's homes and gardens

    History, architecture and flowers come together in Manchester House + Garden Tour on Aug. 9.

    Falling (and riding) in love with Kennywood

    Five Post-Gazette interns — including four out-of-towners — look for love in Kennywood and end up with a thrilling top 10.


    Tuned In: 'Banshee' co-creator explains why he pulled the plug on the Cinemax show

    He opted to end the shot-in-Pittsburgh TV series even though the cable network was willing to renew it; HBO plans more “Game of Thrones.”

    Aspen Music Festival in talks with PSO about playing concerts in 2016

    The Pittsburgh Symphony is in discussions with the Aspen Music Festival about the possibility of performing at the Colorado festival.


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