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Penn Hills Tribe member Cello Frollo, 17, watches as his team warms up for their gamen Friday night against Upper St. Clair. Follow all the action on Twitter.

 Alberta Tyson leads a large group of flag-waving laundry and dry cleaning workers from Local 141 during the 1984 Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade.

Pittsburgh region's Labor Day events go back more than a century

Since 1894, southwestern Pennsylvania has marked the holiday with parades, picnics, speeches, fairs and religious services.

 Punters Jordan Berry, left, and Brad Wing practice at the team's South Side facility Aug. 26.

Berry wins punter competition; Steelers trade Wing to Giants

Jordan Berry beat out Brad Wing, who punted last season for the Steelers, his first year in the NFL.

 Pirates' A.J. Burnett pitches against the Nationals July 25.

A.J. Burnett completes simulated game as he rehabs after elbow injury

Burnett can return to the roster without a corresponding move because the roster is expanded to 40 players in September.

  • A.J.Burnett expects to return soon

  •  Carnegie Mellon University's robot HERB, the Home Exploring Robot Butler, makes an appearance in the film "Robots" opening today at Carnegie Science Center.

    Movie review: 'Robots' like you have never seen them before

    Playing at Carnegie Science Center, “Robots” explores the exciting frontier of humanoid robotics research; two of the stars are from CMU.

     Richard Mellon Scaife's will also divided control of trust funds that held more than $700 million between the Sarah Scaife Foundation and the Allegheny Foundation.

    Westmoreland County judge declines to recuse himself in Scaife case

    When Judge Richard E. McCormick Jr. worked as a lawyer, he represented a labor union during a labor dispute with the Tribune-Review.

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    Session beer: What's with the trend?

    More breweries in Western Pennsylvania are putting an emphasis on making their lower-alcohol offerings as flavorful as possible. The trend even has its own name -- session beer.

    So why does it work? Find out a little more in the latest edition of "Beer Me" with Mike Pound. And explore more Western Pa. beer and breweries right here.


    Setting the SEEN goes Old Hollywood

    On this week's "Setting the SEEN," SEEN editor Natalie Bencivenga and style editor Sara Bauknecht preview the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's Sept. 12 Cinema Serenade event and get red-carpet ready with pieces from Lintons and Brilliant Nuevo Diamonds and makeovers by Izzazu Salon, Spa and Serata.

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    Pittsburgh schools superintendent Linda Lane to step down in June

    Long rumored to be leaving, she said she decided to make the announcement to “put an end to the speculation.”

    TRAFFIC: Banksville Road pattern changes but more jams expected

    This morning, traffic will shift to the right approach lane and shoulder on Banksville Road, with two lanes open toward the merge area.


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    What's dishing on the blogs: Labor Day ideas

    This week, we’re getting ready for Labor Day with vibrant summer recipes and cozy fall dishes.

    Castle Shannon Seesaw Center balances play, learning for children, parents

    The center provides an indoor play environment for children through kindergarten age during cold-weather months.


    Movie review: 'Mistress America' follows zany paths

    Two New Yorkers, one a college freshman and the other a madcap gal about town, join forces in this fizzy close to the summer movie season.

    Tuned In: 'Ellen' moving among daytime TV changes

    Daytime TV roundup: Local sports and syndicated crime shows on WPNT; “Ellen” moves to WTAE and “Meredith Vieira” gets bumped to late night.


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    Kathleen Parker: It’s time to take Trump down

    His snake oil should be making Republicans plenty sick by now

    Deal assured: The Iran accord is the best option for the future

    President Barack Obama has achieved comparable support for the Iran deal in the House of Representatives.


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