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Erin Franciscus of Shadyside, left, and Megan Hill of Downtown join the throngs at Schenley Plaza in Oakland cheering the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team to its World Cup victory Sunday over Japan.

 The May 2 opening day of Kennywood this season was marred by a fight involving dozens of teens.

Kennywood shooting doesn’t deter amusement park visitors

Police say the incident outside the park wounded a woman near the exit after Saturday night’s fireworks show.

 Differential pricing — the economic term for setting different prices for the same product for different customers — has long been a feature of commerce in one form or another.

Surveillance Society: Is online pricing custom-made?

With Internet searches adding to digital profiles, have consumers’ best prices online been predetermined based on shopping history?

 Veteran Tim Hornik, 35, was shot in the face by a sniper in Iraq in 2004.

UPMC exploring future of eye transplants

Acknowledging the years of work still to come, a University of Pittsburgh researcher forges ahead on an experimental eye transplant program.

 With Pedro Alvarez and the offense on a roll, this season could go to some pretty nice places for the Pirates.

Ron Cook: Pirates have makings of something special

With their stellar pitching starting to get a whole lot of help lately from the offense, the Pirates’ future looks very bright.

 Gilded rose necklace by Nicolette Jewelry Sculptures, $269 at www.nicolettejewelrysculptures.com.

Handmade here: A roundup of accessories crafted with care in Pittsburgh

There’s no shortage of Pittsburgh-based brands that are keeping the spirit of American-made manufacturing and artistry alive and well.

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Good reads and special projects

Illustrator Walter Cumming and his Malamute Tanook take a break near the sign posts at Weverton Cliffs along the Appalachian Trail near Harper's Ferry, W.Va.
• 20 years later: Twenty years on, revisiting the Appalachian Trail

• Long journey home: The story of Tech Sgt. Charles L. Johnston Jr.

• Rolling Stones: Wide view photos of the Rolling Stones in Pittsburgh

• Who's watching?: Zack Tanner's Bad Data Day


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Summer 2015 Dining Guide

Bacalao en Aceite with cauliflower catalan, left, Cynar cured Laural Hill Trout with rose pickled rhubarb, artichoke chips and honey-pepper honey by Aaron Hoskins at Cure in Lawrenceville.
Restaurants reflect how Pittsburgh is changing, with so many openings pointing to a city on the rise.

In that spirit, the Post-Gazette’s 2015 summer dining guide is focused on that growth. Click here to explore reviews, photos and more about some of the hottest spots to dine in the coming months.

Browse recipes, reviews and more on PGPlate

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Pennsylvania expands education benefits for veterans

Eligible veterans will pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities under a state law no matter how recently they moved here.

Greek finance minister Varoufakis quits after 'no' vote

Yanis Varoufakis, a self-proclaimed “erratic Marxist" economist, accuses Greece’ creditors of "terrorism.”


Facebook eyes potential for growth across Africa

With growth stymied elsewhere, the social network wants to open up the continent for its “next billion users.”

Workzone: Meal etiquette matters in business

According to etiquette expert Demetria Pappas, more than 65 percent of business is conducted over a meal.


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#SEENHotSpot: Tako

SEEN checks out downtown’s newest hotspot, Tako.

Regatta VIP Party

You gotta Regatta! Check out the VIP party celebrating Pittsburgh’s Fourth of July weekend.


Patricia Sheridan's Breakfast With ... Tina Desai

Bollywood actress Tina Desai appeared in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” films and now has gone sci-fi in the new Netflix series “Sense8.”

Book review: Local author pens a satisfying sequel to 'The Last letter'

The sequel to Kathleen Shoop’s “The Last Letter,” titled “The Road Home,” continues the Arthur family saga.


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George F. Will: The wrinkle in the ACA decision

Chief Justice John Roberts’ deference to clear purpose by Congress or the Framers gives conservatives hope.

Super goal: Hosting the NFL title game should be a priority

Pittsburgh would be an ideal place for the National Football League to hold its 2023 Super Bowl.


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