A flag is unfurled on the field of PNC Park on the North Shore at the Pirates' home opener April 13 against the Detroit Tigers.
Rebecca Droke/Post-Gazette
A flag is unfurled on the field of PNC Park on the North Shore at the Pirates' home opener April 13 against the Detroit Tigers.

Which ballpark hits a home run with fans?

More than 90,000 voters responding to a survey ranked PNC Park as the best ballpark in the country by a margin of 65-35.

 The organization sent an email to its members last week requesting money to “stop Obama from confiscating millions of guns.”

NRA says some Social Security recipients could lose gun rights

The NRA says beneficiaries who lack capacity to manage their affairs are targets for the “largest gun grab in American history.”

 According to new data, natural gas inventories could hit new highs by the start of the heating season on Nov. 1.

Data show plenty of natural gas in storage for winter weather

That’s good news for those who rely on gas heating and electricity, but it could be bad news for drillers who are being hit by low prices.

 Gov. Wolf has called for a budget that would increase the sales and personal income taxes and institute a severance tax on natural gas drilling, using the new revenues to boost education funding, lower local property taxes and close a budget shortfall. Republicans have opposed the tax proposals.

Turzai says Legislature may attempt override of Wolf's budget veto

Overriding a veto requires a two-thirds vote in both the House and the Senate and would require Democratic votes.

 Cold cap, created by DigniCap, is pending FDA clearance and is the only scalp cooling device that has completed FDA clinical trials in the U.S.

Ice caps can prevent hair loss during chemotherapy

Scalp cooling technology, which prevents hair loss in some chemotherapy patients, is entering the mainstream, including in Pittsburgh.

Teen shot in North Versailles

about 3 hours ago

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Seven Pittsburgh police officers promoted

Among those promoted were a lieutenant who will head the Zone 3 station and a sergeant who was a bodyguard for former Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

Pittsburgh city councilman pushes information sharing between police, parking authority

City Councilman Dan Gilman proposes that police, parking authority collaborate to identify stolen vehicles, wanted people.



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Weekend review: What you may have missed

The Pittsburgh skyline.
Why is Pittsburgh being called the new darling destination?

Rooftop dining is among al fresco options Downtown

Pittsburgh URA wants Hotel Indigo fence removed

Volunteers knit plastic bags into sleeping mats for soldiers

Track the 2015 Pirates, game-by-game

Beer Me: Piper's Pub

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Consol Energy widens loss, cuts spending

The oil, gas, and coal company warned investors it would post a loss for the second quarter, bemoaning low commodity prices.

Toshiba downplayed Westinghouse losses

The nuclear company’s Japanese parent used its own, lower figures for cost overruns at a Westinghouse project, revising the company’s


Health »

Nutritious watermelon not just summer dessert

Studies show watermelon, often considered little more than sugar water, to help fight, heart disease, some cancer and, for sure,

Health happenings for Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Monongahela Valley Hospital is sponsoring “Talk With a Doc: Repair of Shoulder Injuries” 7 p.m. Thursday at Mt. Lebanon Public Library.


Game review: 'Rocket League' from Sony features cars with a kick.

The exciting new video game for PC and PS4 puts the game of soccer on wheels.

Preview: Van Halen tour still Runnin'

Tonight Van Halen plays its first Pittsburgh show since 2012 at the Pavilion, while Hozier makes his debut here at Stage AE.


Opinion »

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Red, blue and other hues

Americans are polarized and alienated but hopeful, too.

Humane ruling: A judge orders civility for immigrant children

A federal judge in California has told the U.S. government it cannot detain immigrant families indefinitely in punishing conditions.


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