Pirates' J.A. Happ pitches against the Rockies Saturday at PNC Park.
Matt Freed/Post-Gazette
Pirates' J.A. Happ pitches against the Rockies Saturday at PNC Park.

Happ strong again as Pirates win, 4-3

J.A. Happ has allowed just two runs in 23 frames over his past four outings, all wins for the surging Pirates (79-49).

 A sign painter outlines the Pope Francis' nose on the side of a New York City office building in preparation for his visit in September.

Pope’s political messages cause some to pick, choose

Members of Congress aren’t likely to budge from their entrenched positions even at the urging of a world spiritual leader.

Pitt, Penn State and West Virginia are unrivaled for all the wrong reasons

Rivalries across college football have disappeared the past five years, making some wonder whether the sport has lost part of its appeal.

 Cheerios cereal was part of one of many lawsuits filed this year, specifically for gluten issues.

What's in that? Food companies scramble to satisfy 'clean eating'

The steady swing toward “clean eating” has helped trigger an industry move toward cleaning product labels of unpronounceable ingredients.

 Greta Gerwig as Brooke in "Mistress America."

Movie preview: Greta Gerwig uses storytelling to express human experience

Actress and co-writer Greta Gerwig blends 1980s sensibilities with screwball comedy for “Mistress America,” set in contemporary New York.

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South Side Market House, 100 years strong

Now home to a Citiparks senior center and gymnasium, the South Side Market House has been city-owned and operated for the last 100 years.

Faith leaders are 'planting' churches in new fields

As traditional congregations decline, some faith leaders are creating new venues of worship in unconventional spots.



Setting the SEEN stomps into Pittsburgh Winery

In the spirit of harvest season, SEEN editor Natalie Bencivenga + style editor Sara Bauknecht visit Pittsburgh Winery in the Strip Districtto learn how to make wine the old-fashioned way in advance of the venue's Grape Stomp event.

Plus, they get glammed to grape stomp with hair and makeup by Izzazu Salon, Spa and Serata.

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Gabrielle Johnson-Thomas writes on a whiteboard during her first day of kindergarten at Manchester Academic Charter on August 26, 2015.
Recess, whiteboard and waiting in straight lines -- welcome back to school!

Students in the Pittsburgh region headed back to the classrooms this week, and several of the Post-Gazette's visual journalists were there to capture their returns.

Browse our wide view images from the first days of school across the area, and upload your own moments and memories on our MyBurgh page.

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CMU grad builds cybersleuthing tool to snare sex traffickers

Emily Kennedy’s company had its roots in her senior thesis at CMU and now helps law enforcement officials find human trafficking criminals.

Fort Pitt Tunnel outbound closed today

Pirates fans may face extra delays as the outbound tunnel and parkway stay closed today.


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Early Warning: Steelhead runs may come sooner than expected

Weird weather since spring has everything off schedule, and anglers are reporting fish stacking up off shore and a few sporadic catches.

Pirates notebook: Outfield arms among best in the majors

Talented, young right fielder Gregory Polanco had two more assists Friday night, while Starling Marte has a National League-leading 12.


Consolidation changes face of Pittsburgh architecture as industry rebounds from recession lows

Architects at Astorino have access to expertise in Cannon’s global offices, and Cannon has been able to cement its presence in Pittsburgh.

WorkZone: Networking is key, even for the shy

Author Alaina Levine offers the less outgoing tips for connecting with others in business and life.


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Stylebook snapshot: Fashion scoop for September

Welcome the new season into your sense of style with a few new things to buy, try and watch for this fall.

Chef Trevett Hooper savors Russian hospitality for a new venture

Legume’s chef visits Eastern Europe and Russia to bring back ideas for Dacha, a restaurant he hopes to open in Pittsburgh


Treasures from the Mediterranean featured in exhibit

Greek antiquities crafted during the Hellenistic period shine at the Getty museum in Los Angeles The exhibit moves to D.C. in December.

'Billie Holiday: The Musician and the Myth' properly honors her artistry

John Szwed’s first-rate biography puts the primary focus on the artist and her work, and not her addiction.


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