Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is expected to be in action when New England hosts the Steelers to open the NFL regular season.
Mark Lennihan/Associated Press
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is expected to be in action when New England hosts the Steelers to open the NFL regular season.

Judge nullifies Brady's 'Deflategate' suspension; QB set to face Steelers in Week 1

The NFL said it will appeal the ruling, which came out forcefully in Brady’s favor, maligning the NFL for its handling of the scandal.

 U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Katherine Gregory leaves the the USS Requin on the North Shore after a tour in August.

USS Requin to close for restoration

The USS Requin, the U.S. Navy’s first radar picket submarine, will receive a new coat of paint.

PennDOT says contractor may face penalty for restricting traffic on Banksville Road

The closure, which was still in effect as of 11 a.m., was causing delays of an hour or more for commuters heading into the city.

 Meat cooks on the grill outside of Dream Bar-B-Q.

Restaurant scene: Homewood's Dream Bar-B-Q feeds hungry football fans and a neighborhood

For 10 years Dave Jenkins has been building a clientele for lunch, dinner and takeout at his barbecue spot.

 Vin Diesel stars as Kaulder in "The Last Witch Hunger."

Real by reel: Fall movie lineup is flush with real-life subjects — and a splash of fun

As the days grow shorter, the films turn darker, more thoughtful and awards-worthy as five dozen new titles show.

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Pittsburgh police target sex trade; dozens arrested in crackdown

Pittsburgh vice detectives rounded up twice as many johns as last year during a national effort last month to reduce the use of prostitutes.

Investigations launched after Pittsburgh toddler’s death

Josiah Taylor was 22 months old when he was shot dead while in the care of his mother’s boyfriend in Fineview.



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Top Workplaces 2015

Downtown Pittsburgh is in a glow as daylight penetrates the low layer of clouds.
Who are the best employers in the Pittsburgh area?

In total, WorkplaceDynamics invited 1,401 companies to participate and surveyed 126 of them. The organizations employ 25,397 people in Greater Pittsburgh. Click here to browse their stories.


Gabrielle Johnson-Thomas writes on a whiteboard during her first day of kindergarten at Manchester Academic Charter on August 26, 2015.
Recess, whiteboard and waiting in straight lines -- welcome back to school!

Students in the Pittsburgh region headed back to the classrooms this week, and several of the Post-Gazette's visual journalists were there to capture their returns.

Browse our wide view images from the first days of school across the area, and upload your own moments and memories on our MyBurgh page.

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Cigarette smoking plunges in U.S., but why?

The nation saw cigarette smoking dip 10 percent from January through March; Allegheny County, however, lags behind with high smoking rates.

Suburban Pittsburgh police to step up DUI patrols this holiday weekend

The Mt. Lebanon Area DUI Task Force has seen an increase of drivers who were under the influence of drugs.


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Clean up the Shenango coke works

The plant is breaking the law while endangering its neighbors.

Jailhouse care: The county will spend more but keep control

You get what you pay for. Allegheny County learned that lesson when it hired Corizon Health in 2013 to provide care for inmates in its jail.


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