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Movie review: Newest 'Vacation' takes the low road, too

Second and third generations of Griswolds embark on a disastrous “Vacation” and road trip to Walley World in the comedy starring Ed Helms.

Movie review: 'Paper Towns' gets lost on a trail of clues

Another John Green novel comes to life but doesn’t rise to the same level of excellence and emotion as “Fault in Our Stars.”


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Family Film Guide

Family film guide: 'Pixels' and 'Paper Towns'

The videogame comedy “Pixels” is suitable for ages 8 to 9 and up, while the drama “Papertowns” is for mature tweens and teens and older.

Family Film Guide: 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'

This dramedy is based on the young adult novel about a teenage boy forced to spend time with a classmate just diagnosed with leukemia.



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