Random Act of Kindness: A bystander was quick to assist in stormy battle with umbrella

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A bystander was quick to assist in stormy battle with umbrella

On a recent Monday night, the effects of Hurricane Sandy were at a peak in our area.

I was waiting for a bus on Fifth Avenue. The wind was fierce, and the rain was coming down in torrents. The wind blew my umbrella inside out, and I struggled to refold it. I gave up and left my umbrella on the sidewalk.

Walking back to the bus stop, I noticed a young man who apparently had witnessed my struggle. I felt discouraged, and I walked past him. A couple of minutes later, the young man handed me my umbrella, neatly folded up and snapped by him. I was re-armed for my battle with Sandy.

I want to thank that man and publicly recognize his kindness.



There's much to be thankful for, including generosity of officers

On our way Downtown to see the Veterans Day parade we went to the Eat'n Park in Bellevue.

I saw about 12 or so people in white shirts with badges on them, and so I said, "Thank you for your service."

They replied, "Thank you for yours," as I was wearing my cap that said "Retired Army."

When we were finished with our meal, the waitress told us that that other group had paid for our check, but that she wasn't to tell us until they had left. They were corrections officers.

Those people, as well as the parade, the school kids there chanting "U-S-A," the people who were clapping and yelling "Thank you!" to the veterans -- they all made me happy and proud to be born in this city. Thank you, Pittsburgh.



Money envelope was left on table, but it was in the right hands soon

After my granddaughter's confirmation the family decided to go to Al's Cafe in Bethel Park for dinner.

While we were there I gave my granddaughter an envelope with money for her confirmation gift. We all had a most enjoyable dinner and left to go home, but unbeknownst to us my granddaughter forgot the money envelope on the table.

As soon as I arrived home, the phone was ringing. It was our waitress telling us about the money card. She went to the trouble of looking up my phone number and calling me when she could have very easily put it in her pocket.

I'm sorry I did not get her name, but thanks a million to the waitress at Al's Cafe.


Bethel Park

Another customer paid for her and refused a repayment effort

Several weeks ago I shopped at the dollar store in Cranberry.

I put my purchases on the counter, but then I realized I did not have my wallet. I told the clerk -- who looked at me in bewilderment -- to cancel the order while I went to my car to see if the wallet had fallen on the floor of my car or on the ground nearby.

A lady behind me in line then told the clerk to finish the order, and that she would pay the total. Little did I think my bill would be almost $30.

I asked that lady to wait afterward so that I could call my husband, who was in the car, to come in to repay her. Instead, she just paid the bill and walked away. I tried to get her name and phone number, but she walked off ignoring my plea.

What a surprise to have someone do this for me! I will never forget it and want her to know how much I appreciate her kindness during the holiday season.



She forgot purse in shopping cart, but some good person returned it

A couple of weeks ago, I did my weekly shopping at Giant Eagle in Bridgeville.

I took my purchases out to my car, got my keys from my purse, opened the trunk and put the keys in my pocket. After unloading the cart I drove home and into my garage. I reached for my purse in the passenger seat, but it wasn't there.

In panic, I drove (a little too fast) back to Giant Eagle, but my purse was not in the cart. I went into the store to the customer service desk and asked if someone had turned it in, and someone had.

After I got home and collected my senses, I went back and asked who had turned it in. They didn't know who brought it in from the lot, but one of their staff had put it in a back room for safety. I hope that whomever the honest person was reads this column, so that they know how grateful I am.


Upper St. Clair


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