Lack of civility

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It is becoming rather tiresome to continue to read pejorative comments made by letter writers about conservatives, Republicans and the Tea Party. The very reason why this country is so divided is because of the hostile attitudes that both political sides have for one another. Just in the last two days, letter writers have used terms such as "ranting of the extreme right wing," "antics," "Tea Terrorists" and "please shut up." My question is, what country are we living in?

We do not have a one-party system of just Democrats. I would remind letter writers that about half of this country is either conservative or actively supporting the Tea Party. The Republicans now control the House of Representatives.

According to Article I of the Constitution, all spending bills originate in the House -- not in the White House and not in the Senate. Many Republican politicians are doing the job they were elected to do by their constituents. It is not just one party's job to "give in." Leadership is needed and both sides need to compromise.

The president has unilaterally postponed the employer mandate for the Affordable Care Act. I would suggest that the compromise that conservatives are suggesting is very similar to what the White House has already done. Let's try to be civil. Know the facts. And demand true leadership from all elected officials.

Franklin Park



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