The problem is lack of bicycle infrastructure

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I'm writing in response to Cheryl Szymanski's June 11 letter "Cyclists and Roads." First, I'd like to note that as a cyclist I fully support a registration or user fee on adult bicyclists, but only if it funds the sort of bicycle infrastructure Pittsburgh sorely lacks.

Second, Ms. Szymanski ignores the fact that many, if not most, cyclists in our city own cars and thus already pay the sort of taxes and fees she discussed. Further, money from the state and federal general fund has routinely been used to cover gaps in transportation funding over the years, meaning that even if a cyclist did not own a car, he or she would still be contributing to the maintenance of the roads by paying other taxes.

The problem really is not that cyclists are not paying enough for the privilege of using the roads, but that they are not getting enough back for their payments in the form of safe bicycle infrastructure.




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