Misplaced blame

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I am not sure if letter writers Max Michael Sella and Morton Reichbaum ("Blood Money" and "Slaves to the NRA," Dec. 23 Issue One, respectively) are related, but their letters really do not say how the National Rifle Association caused the carnage at Newtown, Conn.

Connecticut has some of the most aggressive gun laws out there and, yet, the NRA is responsible -- how?

I know guns and I have yet to see one go out and shoot at anything. Yes, I have seen people with guns shoot things but not just a gun doing any shooting. So, once again, how is the NRA responsible?

If both Mr. Reichbaum and Mr. Sella want to talk about politicians taking money from every lobbying organization out there, then I am on board with them. The lobbyists control the politicians and not the voters controlling the politicians. The politicians crave two things, money and power. Money will get them elected and keep them elected and that gives them power to get, yep, you guessed it, money, to get them elected or re-elected.

Let's put the blame where it should be put: on the people causing these tragedies.




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