Random Acts of Kindness / Matt with the jumper cables dependably came to rescue

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After work one day recently, as I turned the key in my car ignition, nothing happened. I was panicked, as I had to pick up my child that evening, which is something I don't often do.

Fortunately, my daughter was staying with a very good and understanding friend who told me not to worry. Also fortunate was that my husband was going to rescue me if I was unable to find help. But ever the optimist, I was pretty sure I would find some assistance.

I walked over to the University of Pittsburgh parking lot attendant, as I had thought Pitt had some sort of emergency service. Unfortunately, the young guy on duty had just started a couple days before, and he could not confirm that.

Next I started going up to random people, assuming that some friendly Pittsburgher would have jumper cables and would be willing to help. The third time proved to be the charm, as a very nice guy named Matt came to my rescue. He had not used his jumper cables in years, but fortunately he still had them in his car, and he was able to get my car started after a few attempts.

If you know Matt, please buy him a coffee or a beer. (He would not take anything from me.) And if you own an American car, heed this advice: Do not leave a cell phone car charger plugged in, even when there is no cell phone on the other end. The battery you save may be your own.


Penn Hills

Strip District merchants took good care of wallet

I am a retiree who moved to South Carolina after living in Pittsburgh for 30 years. I've had a lot of great experiences where the goodness of the people of Pittsburgh has shown itself. On a recent Friday it showed itself again.

My wife and I, with two close friends from the South Hills, spent the good part of the day in the Strip -- Wholey's, the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co., La Prima, etc. I also had to stop in Sam Bok to buy some Asian staples we like.

After driving to our daughter's home in Sewickley, I discovered my wallet with many credit cards, licenses and cash was missing. It was rush hour, but we still drove back to the Strip, realizing that in many cities it would be a futile effort to get the wallet back -- but in Pittsburgh I had hope.

The stores we had visited were closing and one after the other had not seen the wallet. Except for Sam Bok! As soon as I walked in, the little lady who barbecues outside the shop got excited when she recognized me.

She called her lady manager, who was even more excited. They had found the wallet and called the police at the Hill District station, who picked up the wallet 40 minutes before I arrived. The lady called the station and put me on the phone with the sergeant, who said, "Stay right there. We'll bring it down to you."

And so they did. One of Pittsburgh's Young Finest handed me my wallet, which I had almost given up as lost -- but not quite, knowing Pittsburgh.

All the shopkeepers and the officer on duty in the Strip showed concern and willingness to help throughout my search. What a town! Thanks, Pittsburgh. God bless yinz!


Pawleys Island, S.C.

A lost camera at Kennywood is back in hands of the owner

I spent a Saturday at Kennywood with my grandchildren last month. Somehow I lost my camera while the kids were on a ride.

I did not realize it was missing until I wanted to take another picture. I filed a report at the lost and found desk but really never expected to get it back. An hour or so later I received a call that it had in fact been turned in.

I asked if the person who dropped it off had left their name but was informed that an employee had delivered it. I would like to thank the kind person who made sure I could get it back -- there were many pictures that I would have hated to lose.


West Mifflin

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