Random Act of Kindness: Out-of-towner at airport counter went out of his way to give ride

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I am 82 years old and live in Point Breeze. I spent Easter with my children and grandchildren in London.

After a long journey with two changes of planes, I arrived in Pittsburgh late at night. To my distress, due to a misunderstanding there was no one to meet me. I paged and phoned to no effect.

Finally, I went to the Avis car rental counter to ask for more change to make a call, as my cell phone was dead. There was a businessman standing there who had just flown in from Philadelphia and had rented a car. He looked exactly like Gene Kelly, and I told him so and added that Kelly had been born and lived in Pittsburgh.

To my surprise, he asked me where I lived and offered to drive me home. I could hardly believe it and warned him that it was on the other side of the city. He insisted, and I accepted his offer.

I gave him directions, and we talked happily all the way home. When we arrived, he carried my suitcase in and gave me a big hug, saying, "God bless you." He then left to return to the airport hotel where he was spending the night.

I felt ashamed that, initially, I had mistrusted him. There really are still more good than evil people in this world.


Point Breeze

Others on the road lend hand to young, stranded motorists

My daughter and a friend were taking her roommate to the airport for a trip home over Easter break.

About 10 minutes from the airport they had a flat tire. She made a frantic call to her dad, who could only try to help over the phone, as we live more than an hour away.

Thank goodness, however, there are good people out there. A man named Willie and his family stopped to help them.

Also, after having the hazard lights on for more than an hour while stopped by the flat tire, the car wouldn't start. A big thank-you to the guys in the PennDOT truck who stopped and got it going with their jumper cables.


Lower Burrell

A military wife makes gesture on behalf of older war veteran

My wife and I were at the Eat'n Park at Route 51 and Streets Run Road having dinner on April 18.

The waitress came and said our check had been paid by someone who saw my World War II veterans cap. I asked who, and she said they had already left.

I asked the cashier if she knew who had paid the check, and she said it was a young lady with her little girl. That customer indicated her husband was overseas himself and she wanted to treat us to dinner.

I know what she is going through, and my prayers are with her and her family. I would like to thank her. God bless her for her kindness.



Cell phone finder deserves credit for getting it back to right owner

On April 15 I dropped my cell phone in the parking lot of the Bottom Dollar on Mt. Lebanon Boulevard.

I would like to thank Kim, the only name of hers I know, for trying to locate me and then turning the phone in to the office of Bottom Dollar. I'm hoping she'll know my appreciation if she reads it in this column.

My thanks also to the Post-Gazette for running this Random Acts of Kindness column. It's a great service and pleasant thing to read each Thursday morning.


Mt. Lebanon


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