Random Acts of Kindness: Helpful return of passport preserved big trip abroad

Plus: Bert lent strong hands to assist older women, dining cousins received a donated lunch, left purse returned.

about 22 hours ago

 Pete Seeger at a 1986 concert in Pittsburgh.

Local Dispatch: July 4 is a day to sing praises of Pete Seeger and Mom

Voices of Pete Seeger and Mom would make for a great July Fourth holiday.

1 day ago

 Brick steps, part of the Haberman Avenue right of way, descend to Cedarhurst Street in Beltzhoover.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Haberman link seems like the right path for Hilltop

If you know and love Pittsburgh, you will understand the existence of Haberman Avenue.

2 days ago

Portfolio: New York declares war on rats … again

Traps have been set and poisons brewed, to little apparent effect. Emergency conclaves have been called at City Hall.

5 days ago

Grandma had numbers on her side, albeit illicitly

Grandma’s illicit numbers operation had a fun feel to it.

6 days ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Lots of help volunteered during a cemetery visit

Plus: Special efforts were made to help Medicare recipient, strangers fixed woman’s flat tire

1 week ago

 Anthony L. Monteleone Jr. and Sr. in a 2014 photo.

Fathers know best: The more learned about dad, the more he impressed

The things learned after the fact about a father can be really impressive.

1 week ago

Sharon Randall: Soul singer shows how to never stop moving in life

Sharon Jones provides a reminder of how to treasure each moment and chance in life.

1 week ago

 What hue's for you?

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Will Pittsburghers dare show their true (bridge) colors?

For the sake of city’s bridges, we’re saying give puce a chance.

1 week ago

 Caption contest 265

Caption contest 265 ... and the winners of 264

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

1 week ago

These women are sharp at using an ax

Female “lumberjill” competitors show how sharp they can be with an ax.

1 week ago

 Popcorn, in those pre-microwave days, required preparation, a ritual of sorts that was rewarding in itself.

Fathers Know Best: Dad’s love made his popcorn an even bigger treat

Father, popcorn and baseball made for some of the best memories.

1 week ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Maria left impression bigger than car crash

Plus: Angel helped older man with flat tire on his car; women stunned him with gift of free meal.

2 weeks ago

Storytelling: First glimpse of dead person felt right neighborly

A new Herron Hill neighbor and her late father left a huge impression on young girl.

2 weeks ago

 Theresa Sabilla, left, with customer Larry Tatum at Anthon’s.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Basically, East Liberty eatery is ending an era

End of Anthon’s will be the end of an era -- the old East Liberty.

2 weeks ago

The Morning File: Let’s add a guy and make it the Fortunate 51

Something’s somehow unfortunate about the PG’s “Fortunate 50.”

2 weeks ago

Sharon Randall: This is the right time to be a daydreamer

Summer’s great for daydreaming, so start doing it.

2 weeks ago

Portfolio: First bobblehead museum to open soon

Two Milwaukee men think their state is the perfect place for this particular type of quirkiness.

2 weeks ago

 The Clarks: Rob James, Dave Minarik, Scott Blasey and Greg Joseph.

Expat enjoys a little slice of Pittsburgh in Leesburg

Pittsburgh comes to an expatriate visiting Leesburg, Va.

2 weeks ago

The Morning File: A good news quiz to kick off summer

This fun phase of year when spring morphs into summer is one of our favorites for all the perennial reasons.

3 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Widow received luggage help

Plus, some helpful women enabled a car window’s covering, from out of nowhere came an angel with a gift certificate, and more.

3 weeks ago

 Women line up outside Forbes Field.

Baseball Lore: Forbes Field trips filled small-town girl with dread

Small-town girl’s trips to Forbes Field were enough to make her sick, but her sister loved them.

3 weeks ago

 Caption contest No. 264

Caption contest 264 ... and the winners of 263

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

3 weeks ago

Eyewitness 1915: Family’s members had been reading The Pittsburgh Gazette since 1786

“When I first came here in 1848, I remember I got the paper by horseback mail from Pittsburgh through the Elizabethtown post route.”

3 weeks ago

North Korea aims to be a hot travel spot

Pyongyang’s interest in attracting tourists may sound contradictory for a country that has taken extreme measures to remain sheltered.

3 weeks ago

 Leopold "Polda" Tomasich, 1944

Summer Memories: Crotchety neighbor became kids’ No. 1 spectator

Our principal spectator was Leopold Tomasich, whom we knew as “Polda.”

3 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Great Pyrenees’ escape prompted surge of help

Plus, a group of young men pitched in to revive a dead battery.

4 weeks ago

Local Dispatch: The end of school days leaves a parent in a daze

Last child’s graduation from high school brings both sadness and potential.

4 weeks ago

Sharon Randall: Revisiting hometown is really rather personal

Remembering home is nice, and it’s even better being there.

1 month ago