Red-light runners

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I commend Pittsburgh City Council for starting the process to consider red-light cameras at dangerous intersections. Nearly 600 cities in the United States use these devices to reduce serious accidents and save lives.

As a survivor of a crash caused by a distracted driver who ran a red-light, I hope everyone keeps the big picture in mind: Preventing someone from illegally running a red light could avoid a costly collision, save someone's life and put an end to the preventable pain that I and others have felt.

I have no sympathy for red-light runners who complain about tickets. They're lucky to be alive and lucky they didn't hurt someone else. Drivers running red lights are the leading cause of car accidents in urban and residential areas nationwide. But red-light cameras make a difference, and they most definitely will make Pittsburgh's streets safer.

White Plains, N.Y.

The writer, formerly of Lititz, Pa., speaks nationally about the dangers of cell phone use while driving (



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