Fracking opposition

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In his letter "Protester Hypocrisy" (June 23) Dennis Roddy takes issue with protesters of hydraulic fracturing. Mr. Roddy suggests that anyone who objects to hydraulic fracturing should abandon the use of fossil fuels. If we follow that logic, what would he suggest we do if air quality is bad? Stop breathing?

These protesters have the right to point out the documented adverse environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing on air and water quality causing health problems for many Pennsylvanians. We all have a right to question the natural gas industry about what may happen to our air and water. Clean air and water are necessary for optimal health.

As to protesters being hypocrites, Mr. Roddy, in his position as special assistant to Gov. Tom Corbett, surely has an interest in the ongoing special consideration given to the natural gas industry, with its deep pockets. He must know that the governor had received $1,634,097 from natural gas interests as of December 2010 (Common Cause PA, November 2011) and that members of the Legislature have received $6.1 million.

Perhaps if he lived the kind of life that he would impose on others who happen to be unlucky enough to live near hydraulically fractured wells and who suffer ill effects, he might not be such a proponent of this industry.




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