Our Legislature is meddling in a private decision

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Once again, our Legislature decides that the most pressing issue in our commonwealth is restricting women's access to abortion ("House Approves Abortion Limits," April 24). When House Majority Leader Mike Turzai says, "... consistent with a majority of Pennsylvanians, the House acted today to ensure no tax dollars are used for elective abortions." What majority is he referring to?

It seems to me that this is still a private decision, with private insurance, and a bunch of male Republicans are still trying to intrude on these decisions. The majority of people feel abortion should be legal, safe and rare.

This Republican-controlled state leadership we endure, from our governor on down, have been attacking education, child care agencies and benefits to low- and moderate-income women from day one. Since Rep. Turzai and his ilk are so concerned about tax dollars, why don't they refund their state-funded pensions, cars, mailing allowances, travel allowances, staff allowances, etc.? They love spending cuts, so try starting there instead.

Mt. Lebanon



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