Why Wagner?

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Something stinks in Pittsburgh, but for once it's not our sewage problem. I'm referring to Jack Wagner's curious ability to earn endorsements from every post-Ravenstahl candidate who's dropped their bid.

Jim Ferlo, an outspoken critic of Pittsburgh police? Check.

Darlene Harris, who has never shared any relationship with Mr. Wagner except initially announcing she would be running against him for mayor? Check.

Michael Lamb, a candidate who nearly paralleled Councilman Bill Peduto's efforts to modernize city government and criticize Mayor Luke Ravenstahl at every opportunity? Check.

It's difficult to say what Mr. Wagner has done to persuade his former rivals to endorse his candidacy. What isn't difficult to say is that this is bad news for Pittsburgh. Receiving support from both the old boys club and the anti-Ravenstahl bloc reeks of sweetheart deals and paycheck promises, at the expense of our city.

One has to wonder, with the Pittsburgh Black Political Convention endorsement process coming up soon, will state Rep. Jake Wheatley take that endorsement, only to drop out afterwards and deliver the final endorsement blow to Councilman Peduto? Mr. Wheatley has no chance of winning this election, but he'll be on the top of the IOU list when Mayor Wagner endorses him in 2021.




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