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I was astounded when I learned that the rainbow flag was flying high outside Pittsburgh's City-County Building on Grant Street. My first thought was, why?

An article on WPXI.com stated that Jim Sheppard, assistant to the mayor, said the flag is "non-political." I beg to differ. Same-sex marriage is a political issue and two cases are currently before the Supreme Court of the United States because a group of people did not like what the voters of California had to say. Let me repeat that -- voters decided, so this clearly is a political matter. And the article said the rainbow flag was being flown in "recognition" of those two cases.

Mr. Sheppard went on to state that flying the flag was a "symbolic gesture in solidarity with the LGBT citizens of the City of Pittsburgh."

A question, Mr. Sheppard, if I may: Will you fly a pro-life flag on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade next January, as a symbolic gesture in solidarity with the pro-life citizens of the City of Pittsburgh? Or would that be politically incorrect?

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