World of confusion

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The National Rifle Association is a strong and committed organization, but its response to the Newtown, Conn., tragedy does not offer a viable solution.

Putting police in every school is its remedy, but what about theaters, shopping malls, places of worship and even in homes?

Are American citizens willing to live under martial law?

There must be an answer why killers are among the young.

The most brilliant and educated scholars cannot agree on an answer.

We must consider that children are introduced into a world of confusion, such as same-sex marriage. Although murder is illegal, it is acceptable if the person is in the womb. Violence and immorality via TV and movies cause more confusion, as does the drug culture. Virginity is ridiculed.

A child's world is uprooted when parents divorce -- loyalty and love must be divided.

Religion could be a solace and a source of hope, if it exists.




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