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In all the excitement of the upcoming election, most citizens of this country think the economy is the No. 1 issue. This may very well be true, but there are so many other extremely important issues as well. Probably the most important of these is foreign policy, which, I believe, should be the primary thing on people's minds.

Our attitude toward other countries has always been condescending and indifferent, not to mention arrogant. Do very many people actually give world affairs a second thought? Can't people see that the world is on the brink of total war?

The border with Mexico is getting tenser and tenser. Most Americans believe that we will never have to fight a war on our own soil. I say it is already being fought on the Mexican border and on our streets.

In this mother of all elections, I can only hope the best man wins and that he knows what he's doing.

Whoever wins must represent the people, not just 53 percent of us. Consequently, it must be regarded as a vitally important quality to be able to win over human hearts and apply them to the nation's cause. This is why I'm voting for Barack Obama.

God bless America!

New Kensington



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