Search guidelines lack penalties

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Athletic directors of 120 major-college football programs on Tuesday adopted new standards outlining that they conduct "one or more" minority interviews for every one of their head-coach vacancies. Unlike the NFL's Rooney Rule, though, the move came without any penalty for programs that fail to do so.

Without such teeth to the policy, executive director Floyd Keith of the Black Coaches and Administrators said his association won't change its procedure about regularly telephoning athletic directors to remind them of capable minority candidates.

"That's why we do what we do," said Keith, who called West Virginia athletic director Ed Pastilong to suggest then-assistant head coach Calvin Magee, among others, as minority coaches to consider.

This past month, 11 major-college football programs with head-coaching vacancies reportedly interviewed minority coaches, with Houston hiring Kevin Sumlin, who is African-American, and Navy promoting Ken Niumatalolo, who is Polynesian. Only four programs reportedly didn't hold on-campus or face-to-face interviews with a minority: Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas A&M and West Virginia.

Said Mike Brown, an agent representing Magee and Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson: "Until they have a policy they put in place with penalties, it's not going to change. They talk about academics being important. Well, diversity in the workplace and equal opportunity are just as important.

"If they're going to put scholarship limitations on universities who don't perform academically, they should put scholarship limitations on universities for not adhering to the new policy .

"I have African-American clients. I tell those clients when you have a chance to interview, you have to be better than anybody else to get a chance."


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