Tuned In Journal: 'Men in Trees' transplanted again (UPDATED: And again!)

Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008

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Not since "Scrubs" has a prime-time show played such a terrible game of hide-and-go-seek with viewers. ABC's "Men in Trees" started its first season in fall 2006 on Friday, then moved to Thursday, then disappeared for months only to resurface on Friday for a few weeks last fall. Then it went into hiding again and now it emerges, airing at 10 p.m. Wednesday, starting tonight (UPDATE: Due to WTAE airing a Myron Cope retrospective at 10, "Men in Trees" will now air overnight at 1 a.m.). 11 new episodes are slated to air, but given ABC's track record with the show, who knows if they will.

"It's hard, but we also feel like we are a scrappy show," said "Men in Trees" executive producer Jenny Bicks of the many moves. "And Wednesday is certainly a better place to be than Friday night."

She's hopeful that fans will find "Men in Trees," and with at least a month of episodes that will air opposite reruns on competing broadcast channels.

Bicks also revealed that "Men in Trees" shot two endings for the season finale.

"We are still deciding which ending to use," she said in a call with reporters last week. "One is a little more of a cliffhanger."

Will the decision on the ending used depend on reading the tea leaves to see if "Men in Trees" stands a shot at renewal for a third season?

"It may," she said. "It may also depend on how we want to end the season regardless. They're both very effective endings."


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