Reality Check: DeBona considers next steps in dance career on 'Pointe'

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There are no easy answers for Chartiers Valley graduate Allison DeBona, who has been front and center once again on The CW's "Breaking Pointe."

Her dance career at Ballet West is on the upswing. She has been promoted from demi-soloist to soloist. All this happened just as she had announced to friends and colleagues that she probably was going to quit so she could follow her longtime boyfriend to Michigan.

Thank goodness season two comprises 10 episodes, four more than season one. Too much drama for one short summertime reality show run.

"I think you only saw the tip of the [drama] iceberg last season," said Ms. DeBona when she visited family here last month.

There was a nice moment when colleague Rex Tilton -- who had a brief on-again, off-again relationship with Ms. DeBona last year but appears to remain a good friend -- made a point of saying on this week's show that aside from everything else, he was very proud of her promotion.

Another nice moment: principal dancer Christiana Bennett and Ms. DeBona catching a quick lunch at the studio while discussing the pressures of dance on personal relationships. Ms. Bennett is married to Ballet West's Chris Ruud. Cracks are appearing in their marriage.

Elsewhere on reality TV ...

• On "Summer Camp" (USA, Mondays), DuBois native Chuck Lines lost his geek soulmate, Miranda, who was voted out. How much longer he can stay on the good side of the jockish good ol' boys remains to be seen.

• The winner and loser of this week's "Face Off" (Syfy, Tuesdays) both are grads of the Savini Special Makeup Effects school in Monessen. Alana Rose Schiro was credited with beautifully weird work on a modernized Bride of Frankenstein (complete with Betty Boop eyelashes), but Samantha Allen's creation was judged just plain beastly.

• So, here's the weird thing about "Capture" (The CW, Tuesdays): Any reality show that brings together groups of diverse young people as a "social experiment" expects certain prejudices will eventually bubble to the surface.

The two-person teams on "Capture," however, don't appear to have much down time, what with the running and climbing and hiding from the designated hunt team. And yet the taunts and comments at elimination ceremonies have been surprisingly vitriolic.

When the dreaded Blue team of Eric Praxedes and Shane Steinman were finally hunted down by Ambridge native Antoine Burton and his IUP buddy, Kareem Dawson, there were cheers all around. The bad boys were decisively voted out but not before telling one member of another team to "come out," then telling another team to "seek domestic violence counseling," and snarkily suggesting Mr. Burton and Mr. Dawson -- who are African-American and particularly athletic -- "read a little bit more."

Earlier in the season, there was a bit of strangeness when the Red hunt team of Rob Anderson and Jacob Kosior described themselves as "homos" when chastising another team.

This was surprising, in that nothing has been broadcast to suggest bad blood between them.

This week's episode did, however, contain one of the best sound bites of the TV week. Mr. Dawson, in describing a successful capture, said, "I feel like Christmas, mixed with New Year, all in, like, a birthday present ... going to the Easter Bunny right now."

• Ladies, start those engines, again.

Before "RuPaul's Drag Race" became more of a crossover hit on Logo, few people watched. Season one was not available online or through DVD, but fans can re-live those early, cheesy, fabulous moments on Monday nights beginning Sept. 30.

'Back in the day, if anyone had told me that in the year 2013 people would be clamoring to watch season one, I would have insisted on better lighting!" said host RuPaul Charles.

Notable queens that season included Pandora Boxx, Nina Flowers and Tammie Brown. Among the judges were Bob Mackie and Michelle Williams.


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