Weekend Feedback: PG Pavilion Memorable Moments

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"Top 20 Most Memorable Moments at the Post-Gazette Pavilion" (May 28) was a great article. Extremely well-written and timely. We can look forward to this year's letters: "traffic was horrible," "there is only one way in/out," "the guards beat me," "the bathrooms stunk" and "your reviewer is an idiot."

My all-time favorite (there or anywhere) was the 1992 Lollapalooza that topped Scott Mervis' list. Of the seven bands on the main stage, three of them had LPs in the Top 5 of the Billboard 200 chart: the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

One that did not make the list was the Lolla with Korn and Tool opening for spud boys Devo. Whip It, indeed, a mass exodus of 20,000 sweaty black T-shirted youngsters cut out as Akron's finest gave it all to those remaining to the end.

The absolute only item I might have added was watching "adults" stand in their spot and literally [pee] themselves yearly at Buffett. Now that is high-class entertainment.

Sam Zets
Squirrel Hill

Lights off in the theater

Most theaters and serious concert venues remind patrons before the lights go down to "turn off all cell phones, audible pagers, and alarm watches as a courtesy to our performers and to your fellow patrons." I love how the Pittsburgh Public Theater adds "and please don't unwrap candy during the performance."

Moving into the 21st century, it's also time to add, "Please extinguish all illuminated electronic screens, and refrain from emailing, texting, and surfing the web during this performance."

Everywhere -- from the first balcony of the Benedum during "Wicked," to movie theaters, to a recent high school orchestra concert -- folks are lighting up darkened theaters. Let's work towards extinguishing this discourtesy, and ask ushers to firmly enforce the ban.

Lisa A. Pawelski


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