Connected: iPhone games for a long winter

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Over the upcoming winter months, you'll undoubtedly be looking for something to do -- at least during those small periods when you're not sharing your innermost secrets with total strangers on Facebook.

Maybe it's time to grab a game app or two that you can play on your iPhone.

If you're single, "Should I" might be the game you're looking for. Actually, it's a set of games, each one revolving around making that one important decision in your life. Should I Date Him/Her? Should I Have Sex? Should I Dump Him? Should I Get Married? Those are more than important questions; they're the names of these standalone apps, each of which might be worth your $1.99 to help you make up your mind on these issues.

Each of these games concentrates on one topic -- and acts like the traditional Ben Franklin analysis where you compare the pros and cons of your decision. The two main screens show you a suggested set of pros and a set of cons related to your decision. You tell the game how important each one is, and how probable each outcome is. The game then uses your answers to compute a score, from which it gives you a suggestion.

Should I Date Him/Her, for instance, offers potential pros and lets you compare them to cons. Score the importance of each on a scale of 0-5, and give it a probability of 0 to 100 percent. Then ask for your results. Depending on how you answer, you might be told to go out with that special person or to keep looking for somebody else instead.

The game reminds me of a Magic 8 Ball with the floating answers inside. It even lets the user enter his own pros and cons. Play it with friends and compare notes.

"100 Exits" is a brain teaser. In this game, also for the iPhone, you're presented a series of images, each one representing a puzzle. If you solve the puzzle, you're allowed to walk through the exit door on the screen, where a new puzzle awaits. Some puzzles are easy, and some are difficult. And there are hints along the way.

With "100 Exits," you can cheat pretty easily; there are plenty of websites that offer the answers. But the thrill is opening the doors with your wits. It's fun.

Both "100 Exits" and the suite of "Should I" games are available in the App store. Each "Should I" game is $1.99. "100 Exits" is free but you can purchase tips within the game, costing you from 99 cents to $20.


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