Steelers' Brown acknowledges sideline confrontation with Haley

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Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown said today that he sought out Todd Haley along the sideline in the second half Monday night in Cincinnati to "see what he can do to get you involved" in the game.

Brown confirmed that he had gone to Haley on the sideline during the game to discuss his involvement in the passing game. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that he angrily confronted the Steelers' offensive coordinator about not getting enough passes thrown to him.

"Being a hungry play-maker on the team, I did what any good player around should do," Brown said. "You talk to the person who controls the scheme of the game and see what he can do to get you involved, or see what you can do to get things going ...

"I didn't think it was a big issue. We just have to find a way to win. I guess this is what happens when you lose."

He said he went to Haley not out of selfishness but as a way to help the Steelers win, although they dropped to 0-2 with their 20-10 loss to the Bengals.

"That's why I did it the right way," Brown said today after practice. "But you take it to the person who has control' and working together with the offensive coordinator is definitely a positive ...

"I asked him what is he seeing? I tried to go over thoughts' what he's thinking, to see if we could develop a repetition and get things going for our team."

Brown said he and Haley have since talked.

"We just talked about some things we can do better as a whole and what we can do to try to get on the right page and start winning.

"We can't point fingers. We have to point the thumb. Each man in his group and in his room has to come out and be better."

Brown said he is not personally frustrated but then acknowledged that "It's a little bit frustrating when you're 0-2 and you want to contribute to your team and be a difference-maker out there.

"But you have to stay positive. There's a lot more football to play and you can't hang your head yet."

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First Published September 18, 2013 10:15 PM


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