Gerry Dulac's Steelers chat transcript: 8.13.14

Gerry Dulac: OK, let's start our chat. Fire away....

Tship.: Hi Jerry, and thanks for your time. Even if they all stay healthy, do you eventually see a starting d line of Heyward, Tuitt, and McCullers?

Gerry Dulac: No, I don't think McCullers is really capable of being a starter, certainly not now. But I think he can be a very effective role player. I think Tuitt will eventually be the starter at LDE, and I also think Steve McLendon will be the nose tackle. However, you left out the playetr who could push McLendon, and that's Cam Thomas.

dave: What happened on that long TD run they gave up to the Giants?

Gerry Dulac: Lawrence Timmons got taken out by the pulling guard, Will Allen missed the tackle and Mike Mitchell took a bad angle.

Tim whetstone: Do you think the Steelers will win on Saturday?

Gerry Dulac: I don't know, but I think it's important to win one or two games in the preseason just to establish a mindset. But, for the most part, that's going to be up to the reserves, who get most of the playing time. And I think they have to prove they are better than the other team's reserves

Guest: The Steelers need a professional punter don't they? The guys last year were a joke and are looking similar

Gerry Dulac: Hey, they won a Super Bowl w Mitch Berger.

Tim: Any chance the Steelers elevate Munchack to asisstent head coach to prevent him from leaving?

Gerry Dulac: None. If Munchak is going to leave, it would be for a head coaching position. And no title or role here would prevent him from doing that.

David: How much do the Steelers focus on the future when making their 53 man roster? For example, a guy like Howard Jones might be too raw to help the team this year, but he has potential to be a player in the future.

Gerry Dulac: Agreed. But that's why they have a practice squad.

Tship.: I;m excited about the young talent and health of the team heading into the season but still concerned about the secondary, are they the weakest unit on the team?

Gerry Dulac: I think you are right, primarily because Ike Taylor is 34 and we already saw signs last year of him not being as effective. And what happens if he gets Hines Ward disease and all of a sudden shows he can't run anymore? I like Cortez Allen and I think the Brice McCain pickup in FA was good. Also Shaq Richardson looks like he can be a player. But that secondary will only be as good as the pass rush.

Doug: Have you seen indications that Troy has slipped a bit from last year?

Gerry Dulac: I saw that last year. But, to answer your question, nobody can tell if Troy has slipped because he does very little in training camp and didn't even play against the Giants. Maybe that answers your question. We will find out in the regular season.

Fargo Steelers Fan: Gerry, why carry 3 QBs on the 53 man roster? Landry Jones seems like overkill as a 3rd QB where a WR or LB would be a better fit. Thoughts?

Gerry Dulac: There are teams who would agree w you, but the Steelers aren't one of them. They believe in carrying three QBs and will continue to do so.

dave: Do you expect them to bring another punter?

Gerry Dulac: I wouldn't be surprised if they did, but they can always use the move to put Adam Podlesh on the reserve/did not report list to bring in another position player. Podlesh is free to return at any point.

Alex in Ben Avon: Hi Gerry, how would you rate the likelihood of Will Allen NOT making the final 53?

Gerry Dulac: I would say it's not very likely. Dick LeBeau really likes Will Allen.

Chris: Any update on Shazier's boo-boo?

Gerry Dulac: Haha,,,none. Tomlin is not very forhtcoming about such things. But I think it will be real soon

jerry: Does mcullers make the team?

Gerry Dulac: Yes. They would be crazy not to keep him. Nobody can move him.

blitzburgh: Do you think jarvis can produce a 10 sack season

Gerry Dulac: No, not now. I think he doesn't have the inside strength and moves to give him a counter to his outside rush. Tackles are going to sit on his outside rush until he proves he can beat them inside. But, I think it's very imperative for this defense to be sucessful that Jones and Jason Worilds combine for 20 sacks, however that breaks down.

Woody: Gerry, what do you think about the Steelers hosting the Buffalo Bills for two joint practices before the first home preseason game Saturday night?

Gerry Dulac: Have no problem with it whatsoever. Several NFL teams are doing it. No matter who it is, I think it's good for the players and their coaches' evaluation to see them as much as they can against different competition.

Guest: Good Day Mr.Dulac - i almost threw my shoe at the tv on sat. when they called a fade pattern after the d.archer 46yarder and 2 pounding runs by l.blount. please assure me this will not happen in the regular season once again. why can't someone on that coaching staff be more creative when they get into the redzone? thanks, mr bill

Gerry Dulac: Let me help explain Bill -- that play was a run/pass option and Ben Roethliserger did not see the run being an effective play because the Giants were stacked for it. So he chose to throw it. However, because it was the first preseason game, he was directed by the coaches not to sit back and throw the ball because they didn't want him to get hit. That's why he threw it quick to the outside. And that's why he threw that quick little dump screen to Archer a couple plays earlier. It's the preseason Bill. Dont fret.

Danny: How do you think the joint practices/scrimmages will play out? A lot of reps for the starters?

Gerry Dulac: No, I tink it's a lot of reps for the reserves.

Guest: Can Jordan Hall make the practice team?

Gerry Dulac: Sure he can.

Doug: You say nobody can move McCullers, but if single blocked can McCullers move the other guy backwards? Does he demanded double-team?

Gerry Dulac: Move the other guy backwards? Watch him. Absolutely he can.Like David DeCastro told me, if McCullers wants to go somewhere you can't stop him.

Woody: Gerry, great article today about Joey Porter. How much of an impact do you believe him and Mike Munchak bring to the Steelers this year?

Gerry Dulac: Good question Woody -- a very big impact, Munchak in particular. But I think Porter will definitely help Jarvis Jones. Right about now, Jason Worilds doesn't look as though he needs any help. He has been unstoppable.

Gerry Dulac: That's all the time we haver today kids. Thanx for the questions. See you next week.

First Published August 13, 2014 12:00 AM

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