Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 8.5.14

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Ed Bouchette: Good afternoon, let's begin

Steeler Nation: Sean Spence is with 1st team today... Any stand out moments yet?

Ed Bouchette: They are not practicing today. I have seen nor heard no stand-out moments, but then I missed Wednesday through Sunday because of my trip to Canton. Ryan Shazier is still out so it gives Spence a chance for more reps.

Kay Bro: As Landry Jones has shown nothing, do you think Kay can beat him out?

Ed Bouchette: I asked that very question of someone Monday. No, Jones will make the team. He showed little last year as a rookie, it does not mean he is showing nothing now. He should get plenty of time Saturday night in NY

Troy Fan: Do you think this is Troy's last year at Steeler camp?

Ed Bouchette: I would say it is possible, but I would never count out a great player like him from playing well and continue to play in 2015.

Steeler Nation (One "S"): Is Roger Goodell as plastic, in person, as he seems when he's 'telling us it's "real" on TV?

Wild Bill: People talk about Landry Jones being a wasted pick, but what about Zumwalt. We are DEEP in ILB, he doesn't even have a chance to make the squad, right? Why use a pick on him?

Ed Bouchette: No, I always found Roger to be very pleasant and personable in person.

Ed Bouchette: Now the Zumwalt answer: He will have a tough time making the 53, but if he can play, they will find a way.

Ed Bouchette: And it's not like he was a top 3 pick.

guest: now that that camp has started, are you more or less optimistic about the steelers

Ed Bouchette: I still want to see more from that defense. I'm not quite sure what they have. Lot of projections on that side of the ball, including Shazier, Jarvis Jones, Tuitt. Worilds looks good, provided he can stay healthy.

Steeler Nation (One "S"): Name the names please... Who kept an obvious first ballot HoF player Jerome Bettis out of Canton, yet again?

Ed Bouchette: Jerome made the final 10. No votes are revealed by the HOF, so I have no clue.

lc: Has one punter emerged as the leader to make roster?

Ed Bouchette: Adam Podlesh has not yet been in camp because his wife is having a difficult pregnancy. Brad Wing has looked good the few days I've seen him.

Salvatore: Congrats for your recognition Ed! What are your thoughts on Martavis Bryant and Stpeheon Tuitt so far? do you think they can have significant playing time in regular season?

Ed Bouchette: I think Tuitt has a chance to get more playing time, even to start, than Bryant. Martavis will have the opportunity to do so, but he is going to have to make some more strides quickly.

WVU Fan: At what point to we chalk Timmons up as a bust?

Ed Bouchette: I think Lawrence Timmons is a good linebacker.

Nathan: Has Chris Carter made any improvements that you can see? Are the coaches happy with him as one of the top backups at OLB?

Ed Bouchette: I think Carter has made great strides and might be surprising some people in camp. Of course, the proof will come in the games but he will get his chances and this time might make the most of them.

bob: How many RB's will they keep?

Ed Bouchette: My bet is they go with 4, but only if one of those four is "fullback" Will Johnson, who also plays tight end. I don't know that anyone else has made a case for himself after the top three of Le'Veon Bell, LeGarrette Blount and Dri ARcher.

Timmy: How much cash will Ben get now that scrubs like Dalton cashed out? And what are the Steelers waiting for? Is it possible we could see a trade in the off season?

Ed Bouchette: It sounds to me as if Dalton's contract is not as high as the original numbers floated indicated. I think they will get a deal done with Ben Roethlisberger next year. And why in the world would you want to trade him?

kjacksonpgh: Ed, Do you see Daniel McCullers able to take over the second NT spot. I know he is very raw but he did play in the SEC and how much could he need to learn but to clog up the middle and push the pocket back?

Ed Bouchette: He's competing with Loni Fangupo for that job. My money would go on Fangupo.

TD: Why give money to a guy who missed 30 AND 32 yrd field goals to lose a game vs. Oakland that would have put them in the playoffs? Oh and if you don't attempt to even kick a 50 yrd FG in Baltimore, you can't be known for a miss that would have won the game right?

Ed Bouchette: I have yet to see the perfect kicker, although many do come close, like Shaun Suisham.

Guest: is the game televised on Saturday?

Ed Bouchette: Every game is televised. I cannot remember one that was not in my 30 years covering them.

Dude_From_CAli Chirstopher_Walken: I don't think Moye feels good about his chances, does he with lots of WR bodies in camp.

Ed Bouchette: My five receivers right now would be Antonio Brown, Markus Wheaton, Lance Moore, Justin Brown and Martavis Bryant. They have been reluctant to keep 6 and kept just 4 a few years ago.

renegade: Any further insight on Adams performing poorly so far as several folks including Ray F have noted? Is he in danger of being cut? He should be progressing, not regressing,at OT as a third year high draft pick player.

Ed Bouchette: Mike Adams had a few poor days last week, especially Thursday, I was told. I also was told that he has rebounded from that and played better. We'll see. If a player cannot play, he will be in danger of being cut.

Wild Bill: Is this another "the sky is the limit" for this offense? Can they live up to the hype?

Ed Bouchette: They can provided that line stays intact and continues to improve and the receivers come along. They have a lot of receivers who have not done it in Pittsburgh yet. After Antonio Brown, the rest of the five wide receivers I just projected to make the team have a total of six catches with the Steelers, all by Wheaton.

Tim P: Ed, realistically this far into camp, how good is this football team? There has been a lot of speculation. How you feel?

Ed Bouchette: I have taken a more skeptical approach because there are so many unknowns, especially on defense and at wide receiver. However, they have the quarterback and they have some good, young potential. How fast those youngsters develop will determine how well the Steelers can play in 2014. I'm holding off in pronouncing them Super Bowl contenders yet, but we also have to realize that other teams have their holes and problems too, especially in the AFC North.

BIg City: Did Colbert whiff on drafting Archer so high?

Ed Bouchette: Let's see how he does first.

Steeler Nation (One "S"): LeBeau has predicted that Johnny Pumpkin will start opening day for the Clowns... LeBeau has a track record of letting first timers off the hook the first time he faces them... Why?

Ed Bouchette: I think Dick LeBeau's defense against rookie quarterbacks is quite good, actually.

Big City: Ed, I wish we were hearing more good reviews of Jarvis Jones now in his second camp. If this guy proves to be a major bust, they are in trouble. Thoughts??

Ed Bouchette: I would agree, unless someone like Chris Carter pulls a Jason Worilds and flourishes in his fourth season.

Guest: Ed, congratulations on receiving the Dick McCann award from the HOF. What award can you win next for being such a great Steelers chat host?

Ed Bouchette: My paycheck?

Rags: I've been told by folks that attended some workouts that Justin Brown is really impressing the coaching staff. Have you seen this from him and what is your take?

Ed Bouchette: Yes, which is why I wrote about him this morning in the Post-Gazette, which you can find here:

Ed Bouchette: Thank you for another great chat. See you next Tuesday.

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