Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 10.29.13

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Ed Bouchette: Good afternoon. The Steelers do not get going early, but today we do on the chat. Let's begin.

CaptainFantastik: Do the Steelers regret not taking the 3rd round pick from the Patriots for Emmanuel Sanders yet?

Ed Bouchette: If they do, they're not letting on and certainly not bragging about not doing so.

FortyThree: Tunch Ilkin mentioned during the broadcast that the Wildcat would be much more effective when they have some threat of a pass from the formation. Will they ever let Bell throw the ball?

Ed Bouchette: Hey, it worked against the Steelers when Darren McFadden took the snap and pumped like he was going to throw it before running 7 yards for a TD. He froze the Steelers linebackers as if Tom Brady were back there ready to throw one.

SteelPerch: Is Kevin Colbert's job in any jeopardy or is he unimpeachable?

Ed Bouchette: He's not unimpeachable but his job also is not in jeopardy. Why would it be? Because the Steelers are 2-5, or do you think their drafts and personnel decisions have been horrible? He's been in his position since 2000 and since that time they've been to three Super Bowls and won two of them and have had one losing season.

hardnosed: Short of dumping trash on Todd Haley's lawn, what can fans do to voice their displeasure with the direction of the offense to the Steelers front office?

Ed Bouchette: Ask me questions on my chat? I don't think Todd Haley is at the root of all their problems which, if you have noticed, include defense and special teams.

stillthrillseeker: I was trolling through the weekly columns on the Steelers and haven't seen anyone call for Mike Tomlin's job yet. Why is the media protecting him?

Ed Bouchette: No one's protecting him. We just are not reactionaries who believe a coach with such a good resume should be jettisoned after one losing season. Sometimes, the solution to a problem is not "fire everyone!"

dave: Why is David Paulson still on the roster? Don't they have enough TE's without him?

Ed Bouchette: The Steelers philosophy is you can never have enough tight ends.

Swissvale72: Generally speaking, is it O.K. for a fan to root for an opposing player to break a leg, or is that in bad taste?

Ed Bouchette: If you mean it in the theatrical way, it's OK. If you mean it seriously, what kind of human being are you?

Bradshaw2Ben: When the Steelers drafted well they went to small schools for guys like Stallworth, Mean Joe, Ike Taylor etc.. Might they start scouting the small schools a little closer again?

Ed Bouchette: They also went to small schools for Ricardo Colclough and Troy Edwards.

Zack: Do we trade a player today?

Ed Bouchette: Chances are slim, but the probably could have gone 2-5 also if they had, as I suggested, let New England keep Emmanuel Sanders for that third-round pick. I understand they are working out punters today.

computerjumpstar: will maurkeece powncey be served an indietment like his brother mike did for the hernandaz triale?

Ed Bouchette: Maurkice Pouncey (I think that's the correct spelling of both his names) has not made trips with the Steelers because he is on injured reserve. You can count on him not making the trip to New England this weekend.

Rich: Ed, First I enjoy your insightful and honest reporting. You are a throwback to when reporting was about the story and not self promotion. Keep up the good work. The demotion of Jarvis is a bit disappointing but hopefully it will motivate him to put in the necessary detail work.

Ed Bouchette: Not sure there is a question there, so we'll turn it into an answer: Jarvis Jones is the first rookie outside linebacker to win a starting job since the Steelers went to a 3-4 defense in 1982. Thus, he now is the first rookie outside linebacker to lose that job. I was told earlier that in an ideal world, they would have preferred he be able to sit back and learn the defense behind someone rather than being tossed into the fire. So, maybe this will merely be a step in his education.

Switz: Forbes published a list that showed the Cowboys were yet again the most popular franchise in the NFL while the Steelers fell out of the Top 5. Can we put to bed the notion that Steelers fans are the best?.

Ed Bouchette: Everybody thinks and usually says their fans are the best (excluding, of course, Jacksonville). I do think the Steelers are among the top teams with the largest following, but that's not what we're talking about here.

Greg: Ed, so many fans are calling for Tomlins head right about now. But the lack of depth isn't really his fault. Thats got to be more on Colbert and poor late round picks. Are we giving too many 'pet projects' to coaches and not getting enough talent?

Ed Bouchette: Mike Tomlin has just as much say in who the Steelers draft as Kevin Colbert. That doesn't mean either is in jeopardy of losing that job.

Its a Steel: How much did the preseason injuries to Spaeth and Plaxico Burress derail what the Steelers wanted to do on offense?

Ed Bouchette: Very little.

Dude _ From _ Cali: Ed: By staying a day extra on west coast or london games, extra 100 rooms and food is merely $20k at best. Chum change to avoid JET LAG. whether real or psychological may get a win.

Ed Bouchette: Patriots arrived in London on Friday last year and killed the Rams, who arrived early in the week. No jet lag there.

Taz: Tomlin has been much more vocal regarding "moral victories" this season, taking positives from losses. This is a sharp break from his traditional "the standard is the standard" line, measuring success solely by W's. Why the softer, gentler Tomlin this year? Is this just a reflection of his aim to coach his team through the media supplemental to his in-office coaching?

Ed Bouchette: I never did get that degree in psychology so I cannot say. I have not heard him proclaim any moral victories, though.

Chris: The "standard" must be pretty low for punters.

Ed Bouchette: Yup, although, again, I do hear they are trying out a few today.

Sam: Good Afternoon Ed, Thank goodness the NFL does NOT have 18 regular season games. How long do you think the players can hold out on keeping it at 16?

Ed Bouchette: Until they show them the money.

JackLambert58: The Browns are up to 20 QB's since '99. If the Steelers trade Roethlisberger like some fans want, will we get another 20+ years of Bubby Brister level QB play here?

Ed Bouchette: The Steelers are not going to trade Ben Roethlisberger.

Brian: What will it take to get a media member to grill Tomlin on why Adams hasn't been moved back to RT, where he was much more effective than Gilbert?

Ed Bouchette: Marcus Gilbert graded out better than any of their offensive linemen this week.

John in Ohio: Will Emmanuel Sanders be traded before today's deadline in your opinion?

Ed Bouchette: In my opinion, no.

patrick: Considering terrible line, Leveon Bell is showing flashes of greatness, or at least "very goodness." With a good line, is the Steelers search for a true #1 back finally over?

Ed Bouchette: I like Le'Veon Bell but I must take issue that he has shown any greatness. He had 93 yards against the New York Jets, his best day. Isaac Redman had 147 against the NY Giants last year. I think Bell will be their guy next year.

dave: Tomlin seemed very excited when he was asked about trade possibilities before the deadline today. Do you think they're shopping anyone? Sanders maybe?

Ed Bouchette: I saw no excitement in Mike Tomlin today at all, and he seemed to answer some questions just to answer them, not always his MO. I would not look anything into what he said about trades.

John in Ohio: If Steelers lose Sunday to the Patriots, are there any changes we may see to personnel. More rookies playing to see what we got?

Ed Bouchette: That's not what coaches do. They coach to win. If they think others -- young or old -- will help them win, they will make the change, but not to see how someone can do for the future.

Jesse: Ed, went back and looked at Colbert's 2nd rounders since 2003: Alonzo Jackson, Ricardo Colclough, B. McFadden, Woodley, Sweed, Worilds, Mike Adams. In a word....Dismal. 2nd rounders need to produce. If not Colbert, shouldn't the scouts be under more scrutiny for this? Thinking some changes in the scouting department are in order.

Ed Bouchette: Not a good record on second-rounders, although I wouldn't kiss off Adams and Woodley made the Pro Bowl. Still, the Steelers had way more success in other rounds than they have had in the second.

John in Ohio: Have you seen Sean Spence practice? Will he be activated or put on IR for remainder of the season?

Ed Bouchette: Spence now has a hand injury. I expect him to go back on PUP

Tim: Third-string QBs don't get much work during the season, but has there been any idea if Landry Jones is impressing the coaching staff in any way?

Ed Bouchette: No idea whatsoever because of the first part of your statement/question.

Michael: So I understand that Colbert, and to a lesser extent Tomlin, would be kept beyond this year should the worst happen (let's say a 3 or 4 win year). What dominoes, in your opinion, WOULD fall?

Ed Bouchette: Someone usually is a scapegoat and those usually are an assistant coach or three.

Tim: You cited many of the ills of the team in today's article but which one stands out the most to you as being the most damaging and in need of the most work?

Ed Bouchette: The defense, if we are looking ahead to 2014. They have potential losses at safety and defensive line (either forced or free agent) and they have problems at linebacker.

Ed Bouchette: Thanks for another great chat. See you in November. Don't forget to turn back your clocks (the Steelers seemingly have turned theirs back to 2003).

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