The QB controversy edition!

Pitt football Q&A with Paul Zeise

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Thanks for participating in the Q&A. Today's edition is the quarterback controversy edition. You can follow the Panthers here as well as the daily updates from practice in our college football blog the Redshirt Diaries.

Q: What are your reasons (aside from the geography of their origins) that in your quarterback-related comments you seem to go from Stull directly to Sunseri with no mention of Bostick, who has the size, experience, conditioning and arm to take on the starting QB position?

Petrina Reese, Lancaster, Pa.

ZEISE: My reason is simple -- Tino Sunseri has taken a lot more snaps than Pat Bostick from what I've been able to tell. And I don't advocate any quarterback over any other -- all I do is call them like I see them and from what I've seen the best pure passer on this team is Tino Sunseri. Now, does that mean he is the best quarterback, only time can tell, but the things I have commented on are this -- which guy throws the best passes and seems to be right now the most consistent of the three. I do think Pat has been pretty good, too, but he's been used sparingly with the first team the past few days so it is hard to make a real evaluation of what he's done compared to the other two. Sunseri and Stull have taken the bulk of the reps with the first team and so far, from what I've seen, Sunseri has been the better of the two.

Q: What is up with Wannstedt's love affair with Bill Stull? When asked about Tino Sunseri, Dave said he is having a good camp, but then has to throw in so is Billy. Is Stull's confidence level so low that Wannstedt has to continually talk about how good he has been and how it's his job to lose? Will he really play a guy out of some kind of loyalty over someone who has out played him?

Kevin Rummel, Brentwood, Pa.

ZEISE: I think we are getting way ahead of ourselves here. Dave Wannstedt wants his veteran guy, his guy with the most starts, his most experienced guy, to win the job because if he does it makes things very easy. I understand it. I actually don't have a problem with it initially. The thing is, time is running out in terms of getting one of the two back-ups really ready to play and giving them maximum time to pull the offense together and gain some confidence. Wannstedt has always favored experience in his players and I don't think that makes him unique among football coaches. You'd much rather have guys who have been there and done that out on the field than dealing with the unknown. But this is one of those situations where production really doesn't lie and frankly, the learning curve for the younger player is (or at least should be) a lot more than for the fifth-year senior, who isn't likely to get much better. I like Bill Stull and I can see why coaches like him -- he is a class act, he is a kid who works hard and says and does the right things, but if he doesn't start to throw the ball better than he has and make better decisions, I don't know how the coaching staff can continue to put their eggs in that basket.

Q: Do you get the sense that Bill Stull will start of the year as the starter but won't make it to conference play if he doesn't step it up?

Matt Beam, Califon, N.J.

ZEISE: Yes, absolutely I do. I think if it is close he will get the nod for all of the reasons I just outlined. At that point he better perform because it will become much tougher to get another quarterback ready once the season starts. I think all three quarterbacks have their strengths and weaknesses and to me the best player, regardless of age, should play.

Q: What is the status of Todd Thomas? Will he be able to play this year? If not, is he still committed to Pitt?

Chad Morton, Delaware

ZEISE: Todd Thomas is headed to prep school (last I heard it was Milford) and he will enroll at Pitt in January.


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