Jenn Menendez's Pirates chat transcript: 8.28.14

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Jenn Menendez: Alright, let's get started.

Mike A.: Why is Vin Mazzaro in Indianapolis and Jeanmar Gomez in Pittsburgh?

Jenn Menendez: Gomez is long reliever and capable of a spot start if needed. I think it's really that simple.

Bill: Life is short and it's only a game, but is the Pirate bullpen going to adversely effect my health over the next month? Should I try meditation? Turning it off? Prayer?

Jenn Menendez: I'm no life coach, but whatever works for you to keep that blood pressure down. As for the bullpen, clearly they have not been - collectively - the lockdown group they were a year ago. But on the whole they have two, arguably three very dependable bullpen arms.

Alan: What has this team got against Lambo. Seems he should have been up before Tabata.

Jenn Menendez: Lambo had a very long and legitimate shot during spring training to earn a chance to play first base and just didn't deliver. Jose Tabata had a long shot last August/September in left field with Marte injured at the time and did deliver.

Dave Matthews: How long will Alverez be sidelined? DL?

Jenn Menendez: No word from the club on how serious the Alvarez foot injury is. Clint Hurdle called it a sprain between a couple of toes the night he left the game, but since then they've been mum about what exactly the injury is and how severe it is. Alvarez has been walking around in a high boot and declined an interview request yesterday.

Guest: Any update on the signing of Russell Martin?

Jenn Menendez: No. This is clearly going to be the hot-button story moving through the end of the season and into the offseason. We will report on it as soon as clear, reliable information becomes available.

JamesinNYC: You must like these chats...thanks for that. How many come up next week?

Jenn Menendez: We will chat next week, but not sure when yet. Paul Zeise will have the team in St. Louis on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. I will post on the blog when we come up for a plan.

Bill: neal huntington has been praised for his creativity in managing PBC financial constraints. Why can't he get creative with solving the obvious bullpen woes, either through trade or internal options (ie not one look at Oliver this year)? It's maddening to watch the repeated late game breakdowns on the mound. Unless these starter can go 7+ the Watson/Melancon safety net makes little difference

Jenn Menendez: Pretty sure he's working on it, but whether he's going to solve it....time will tell.

JamesinNYC: Sorry my bad I meant how many come up from Indy next week?

Jenn Menendez: Ahh...gotcha. Hurdle took a pass on this question yesterday but I'd suspect anywhere from 7 to 10 or so, give or take. Polanco is a definite. Sanchez, Lambo, Morel, Martinez, Sadler, maybe Decker, Frieri...

Alan: Any suprises in the callups or not being called up

Jenn Menendez: Can't exactly answer this until they occur next week when rosters expand. If you mean right now, not surprised that no one else has been called up this week.

Jack: Who leaves the team at the end of 2014 season

Jenn Menendez: The big possibilities are Russell Martin if the club can't work something out, perhaps Liriano or even Volquez, and Clint Barmes.

DeanfromDC: Are you hearing any rumors around the Pirates attempting to make a deal with the Mets for Colon?

Jenn Menendez: Just the vague rumor I mentioned the other day. Nothing else solid or reliable.

PaulDurham: With the day off why isn't Lirano moved up to Sunday and someone skipped?

Jenn Menendez: Liriano is scheduled to pitch Sunday. Volquez will go Friday, and Worley on Saturday. http://pittsburgh.pirates.m...

Samwise: What have you heard about the team's catching future? Has Diaz passed Sanchez?

Jenn Menendez: It's possible yes considering Diaz was moved up to Indy and Sanchez has taken some turns at first base to get him some playing time. But I think that still has some time to play out here before there's anything definitive.

Samwise: How is Charlie Morton's rehab going? Will he make all his appearances for Altoona or move up to Indy?

Jenn Menendez: He's supposed to pitch for Altoona today.

Ross: Why wasn't Alvarez sent to the minors? was he out of options?

Jenn Menendez: If you are referring to his throwing problems at third...yes he's out of options. If you are referring to his current injury - it's still unclear if this is a short-term injury or something that will require more time on the shelf.

Mike in Downtown: Mazzaro and Frieri are both not on the 40 man roster. Is Mazzaro the more likely addition of the two if either do get added?

Jenn Menendez: Tough call there. We'll see in a few days.

DeanfromDC: Do you expect Axford to be a Bucco next year?

Jenn Menendez: I still need to see him pitch more before I'd have a strong opinion either way, but quick reaction would say he's a candidate for a trade package.

Alan: I am surprised when people complaining about no additions to the bullpen don't mention Axford he has done a good job.

Jenn Menendez: He has. 1.92 ERA in 4.2 IP ...I also think Jared Hughes - with the exception a couple of tough outings - has been really solid this year.

Jenn Menendez: OK folks, thanks for taking the time to join us. Will put an update on the blog regarding next week's chats. Enjoy your day.

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