Hot pursuit: For safety’s sake, Chief McLay is right to cool it

The perils of police chases are well-documented, a hazard that played out again on Sunday in the city’s East End.

Chaos’ casualty: Lack of coordination on ISIS leads to tragedy

The downing of a Russian fighter-bomber by Turkey is due to poor coordination of political strategy and military action in the region.

Slump at the pump: Even in Pa., gas is getting cheaper by the day

If you’re traveling this week, be thankful for this: The trip will cost less than in years past, thanks to the rapidly falling price of gas.

Deadly spin: Obama must end phony intelligence reports

Accurate intelligence is needed to conduct an intelligent foreign policy and protect the country.

Self-sufficient: Clairton can celebrate its financial recovery

The city government leaves Act 47 oversight having reduced its expenses and reformed its procedures.


Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill | North Side Story: battling over a blighted block

A developer’s serious plan for the festering Garden Theater block has broad support. A few neighbors object to the size. Cue the molasses.


Tony Norman

Tony Norman: Trump's dark carnival of lies and vulgarity

Mr. Trump’s relationship to facts has always been tenuous. He recently “recalled” seeing Muslims in New Jersey support the 9/11 attacks.


Reg Henry

Reg Henry: Nothing to fear except fearful common sense

Common sense suggests we defeat Islamic terrorism with the help of decent Muslims who want to be our friends.


Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson: You have to laugh

Or our politics and foreign policies will make you cry.


Jennifer Graham

Jennifer Graham: Bad kids are not to blame

It’s parents, religious and nonreligious, who let them get away with doing bad things.


Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly: Good guys with guns

Mass shootings almost always end with shooters getting shot.


Ruth Ann Dailey

Ruth Ann Dailey: Refugees need compassion; Americans deserve respect

Our fear is not hysterical. It is completely rational. Rhetoric that asserts the contrary is not only illogical, it is bullying.