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 Carp can be caught on the fly and close to home. Lee Terkel released this common carp on Chartiers Creek in 2014.

From trash fish to fly rod favorite, the common carp is getting a reputation makeover

More available than most game fish, carp are increasingly being targeted by fly anglers with specialized flies and gear.

3 days ago

Outdoors notebook: Osprey recovery sought through new management plan

In the 1960s and 1970s, pollution and insecticides hit the osprey hard, and in the 1980s it was briefly declared extirpated in Pennsylvania.

3 days ago

Wildlife: America’s most important conservation program

The Land and Water Conservation Fund has helped fund everything from local playgrounds and ball fields to national parks and historic sites.

3 days ago

District Fishing Report: 7.31.15

On Aug. 1-2 outdoors editor John Hayes will host the Post-Gazette Family Fishing area at The Regatta at Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park.

4 days ago

United States of Archery: Bows and arrows more popular than ever

The years of archery being practiced only by bearded men ripened by the outdoors is behind us.

1 week ago

 It was likely an Ohio lamprey that sunk its suckers into this 20-inch channel catfish, released Wednesday by John Force of the North Side while fishing on the North Shore with Venture Outdoors’ TriAnglers.

Outdoors notebook: Perch, walleye harder to find in high, cool Lake Erie

As the Great Lakes grow greater in volume, the new depths and temperatures are impacting the fishing.

1 week ago

District Fishing Report: 7.24.15

A roundup of what’s biting on regional waterways.

1 week ago

 Noah Heck, co-founder of Kayak Anglers, holds a largemouth bass he caught at Lake Wilhelm.

Anglers in kayaks descend on Lake Arthur for fishing tournament

Noah Heck expects upwards of 60 participants at the July 26 kayak fishing tournament at Lake Arthur, Butler County.

2 weeks ago

 On July 9, Keystone lived up to its reputation for 26 students of the Wilkinsburg TIGERS Summer Program. Most landed and released fish, including several kids who caught their first at the lake: Bountouraby Camara 16, of Ben Avon and Ahmad Easton, 12, of Wilkinsburg, and Shea’Onna Harper, 12, of Wilkinsburg (pictured) who released a bass and a bluegill.

Outdoors notebook: New waters added to Wild Trout listing

Last week the state Fish and Boat Commission added 54 waters to its list of Willd Trout Streams, three of which are in Western Pennsylvania.

2 weeks ago

District Fishing Report: 7.17.15

A roundup of what’s biting on regional waterways.

2 weeks ago

 A nice smallmouth bass, taken with a fly rod on the Youghiogheny River, hides a big smile on the face of Bob Heil. Jr.

River smallmouth bass are worth the fly rod challenge

Despite the high flow, Bob Heil Jr., of Sewickley has released several nice smallmouths in recent days.

3 weeks ago

 During a trip to Holden Lake Lodge in Quebec with his dad and grandfather, Teddy Pettko, 12, of Mt. Lebanon used a .30-06 to shoot a 208-pound male black bear. On the Ottawa River, he caught walleye in the 12- to 16-inch range, and northerns from 23 to 30 inches.

Outdoors notebook: Lawmakers take another crack at Sunday hunting

Rep. Frank Farina said he would sponsor a Sunday hunting bill that would deliver some $800 million into state economy, create 7,000 jobs.

3 weeks ago

District fishing report: 7.10.15

Despite almost constant rain, area lakes and streams produced some top-quality catches.

3 weeks ago

 Matt Backhaus and Alex Hull of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources sink a crib at Pymatuning Reservoir.

Cooperating groups improve decaying bottom habitat at Pymatuning Reservoir

Pymatuning Reservoir is one of numerous man-made bodies of water in Western Pennsylvania built in the first half of the 20th century.

1 month ago

Outdoors notebook: License fee increase considered

Executive director of the state Game Commission Matt Hough doesn’t want to shake things up too much, but does have one change in mind.

1 month ago