Mark Dent's Penn State football chat transcript: 9.12.13

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JamesinNYC: Giving you the two games they already played...what is their season record at the end of the year.

Mark Dent: I will say 9-3. Penn State goes undefeated in the non-con and then loses to Michigan, Ohio State and Nebraska.

Mark Dent: I could also see a loss to Wisconsin rather than that Nebraska loss

JamesinNYC: Do you think there will be any changes in the any of the punishments levied on them by the NCAA? Will they wait until someone other then Sandusky is actually proven guilty?

Mark Dent: I really don't. The NCAA doesn't budge on stuff like this. I think the NCAA could do it, though - if Schultz, Curley et. are found innocent (a big IF) - and the general populace would be pleased. The problem is the NCAA rarely does things to please the general populace.

Mark Dent: I think we'll see a movement to really reduce the sanctions after this season ends. Trustees, Jim Delaney, others will be trying hard to get the sanctions reduced.

Brian: Any thoughts on Todd Blackledge's controversial tweet today if you saw it?

Mark Dent: I suspect you're referring to the one about not having cultural problems at Penn State?

Brian: Correct

Mark Dent: I think people misidentify "culture" as it pertains to the PSU situation and NCAA football. Clearly Penn State doesn't have a culture problem like Oklahoma State or Bama or whatever - they never made allegations like that.

Mark Dent: But if Schultz, Curley, Spanier plead guilty or are convicted of their crimes, it is clear there was a culture problem at the highest levels of the University. Not a culture problem rampant through the student body or faculty etc., but if they are found guilty, that shows there was a serious problem with them and with oversight at the highest level

JamesinNYC: I honestly never liked the Freeh report. Thought it was just incomplete. Though I understand why it went the way it did, to act on it and it only was premature, also I think as a public university you are punishing the whole state with the fines if you remove them from PA. And I don't live there so in that regard I think I am pretty unbiased. What are your thoughts?

Mark Dent: Totally agree that the fines from the NCAA were uncalled for. It is abhorrent for the NCAA to fine a taxpayer-funded, public institution. As for the Freeh Report, I think it's best to look at it as a scholarly study. People make conclusions in all types of studies. You don't have to agree with them. One of the Sandusky victim lawyers told me he thought the Freeh Report wouldn't be nearly as controversial if it had just laid of the info/facts and not made those conclusions - that it should have presented what it had and let people decide

JamesinNYC: Pretty amazing job that O'Brien has done recruiting that is for sure. His games are a lot more fun to watch too. Think that goes hand in hand as he came from the NFL?

Mark Dent: I think so. The NFL style is more deeply-rooted in entertainment than the SEC run the ball into the ground and be a tough guy, etc. style. With his NFL background, fun playing system and now the fact that he turned Matt McGloin into an NFL quarterback, O'Brien has plenty of cool things to pitch to recruits (much more cool than bowl games IMHO)

JamesinNYC: Matt McGloin in the NFL....that is about the only pitch he nees LOL

Mark Dent: True dat. And considering McGloin is for the Raiders, it is reasonably possible he could get in a game!

JamesinNYC: Prediction for this week?

Mark Dent: I'll take Penn State in a close one. 24-17.

Mark Dent: And with that, I gotta go. Thanks James and everyone for stopping by to chat!

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