Mark Dent's Penn State football chat transcript: 9.27.12

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Mark Dent: Hey Everyone, fire away with any questions you have regarding Penn State

JimW: I am not shocked by Paul Jones leaving, are you? Why would he want to stay as a number 5 or 6 TE?

Mark Dent: I'm not shocked either. I'm just shocked that he didn't leave before the season began. He could have transferred penalty free and had a chance to play QB elsewhere. One would've thought he would have seen the writing on the wall before now

Mark Dent: That said, I definitely wish the best for Paul Jones. I've had limited interactions with him, but he's always seemed a class guy, and I've only heard good things about him from Pittsburgh-area people.

JimW: Now that BoB knows that Zordich can really run the ball, do you think we'll do a more even 2 back systems, imagine Belton being able to motion out of the backfield and still have the option to hand it off to Zordich...

Mark Dent: I think he should. I actually brought up this topic on the blog earlier today. Belton is the only fast, breakaway speed runner Penn State has. The Lions have three power guys in Zordich, Zwinak and Dukes. I think Zordich is the best and has proven that he needs to carry the ball.

Mark Dent: It's insane he didn't carry more before these last two weeks. He was a 4-star recruit

JimW: Is Amos playing safety more now?

Mark Dent: That's a good question. He was still playing corner a bit more, but everyone seems to think he will move over to safety. It seems more of a natural position. But with Penn State having little depth at corner (Della Valle is tech. the backup for Amos) it makes sense to keep him there for that reason

JimW: I've notice Mike Hull is playing a lot more this year, has he surpassed Carson?

Mark Dent: Hull put it this way. Carson usually stays in on the first and second downs, and Hull comes in on third downs, or when it seems passing is apparent. Hull has pretty much acknowledged that Carson will start the rest of this year and he'll get his time next season.

JimW: Eugene Lewis was supposed to be the beast WR from this year class but Williams is the one playing, what gives?

Mark Dent: Yeah, that's a good point. Lewis was supposed to be the man, but he really has not impressed as much as Trevor Williams. From the beginning of practices, the talk was always about Williams rather than Lewis. B.O.B. and the players haven't discussed any particular criticisms of Lewis. I suspect he is just not progressing as one would have hoped. Plus, PSU has a lot of receivers.

JimW: With the play of Allen Robinson, do you realistically think he'll stay if all the top schools recruit him in the offseason?

Mark Dent: Realistically (and cynically), I don't. He says he will stay, and Matt McGloin says he can't imagine him leaving, but it's going to be really hard. Robinson has a lot of talent and he might want to try and win some meaningful games. But on the other hand, he might not want to leave a system where he is thriving.

Mark Dent: What do you think?

JimW: If USC offered me, I'd leave

JimW: Should we be happy that PSU is getting 2 star recruits to commit?

Mark Dent: I would say no. Those are guys that Penn State can pick up later in the game. The DB who committed last week had offers from VMI and Presbyterian. Unless B.O.B and co. think these guys are truly great talents who could be unearthed, there is no need to offer at this point. I say wait it out.

JimW: Last question, do you think BoB will ever openly admit that putting Gerald Hodges back as a return was a stupid decision?

Mark Dent: Haha. I like that question. B.O.B. won't admit that, but I'd argue that Hodges even knew it was a bad decision. Earlier this week, Hodges said he didn't want to try to be a returner. He said the coaches put him back there and apparently he caught the ball well during those warmups before the game.

JimW: One on One chats on PG+, worth the money....Thanks

Mark Dent: Thanks Jim. Always glad to answer the questions psusports


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