Random Acts of Kindness / Trip for a new driver's license turns out better than stereotype

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I recently moved to Pittsburgh, and of all the things required for getting established in a new city, getting my driver's license was one of the things I was looking forward to least.

My experience was very different from what I expected. I was helped by Bob at the PennDOT center, who asked about my move and gave me recommendations on places to visit. He even gave me directions. I was surprised that he made such an effort, as I am sure he sees people moving to the area every day.

What could have ended as just a positive visit was dramatically changed when I left my passport at the license center. I had not realized I had left it there, and I went in to work.

Bob not only tracked me down later in the day by contacting me, but then he drove across town to deliver the passport to me after he was off work, because I was not able to leave work to get it. To say that I was surprised by this kindness is an understatement.

If you are in the Bridgeville license center, please take a minute to thank Bob for showing a new resident what Pittsburgh is all about!


Castle Shannon

Lesson her father handed down keeps showing up in good deeds

Last year when we went to the home show a man approached me and asked if I had pre-purchased my ticket to the show.

I had no idea why a total stranger was asking me this. I responded no and he said, "Here, I have an extra ticket." I said, "How much do I owe you?" He said that I didn't owe anything, just to pay it forward.

This meant so much to me because my father taught me to do this years ago. I am glad to see it finally catching on and that our good deeds were rewarded. What goes around actually comes around.

My father used to pick up the bill anonymously at Eat'n Park for single older people, veterans, nuns and priests. My husband and I have done this for single elderly people, and also one day for a woman who was at Eat'n Park with three small girls who were coloring while they waited for their food.

They used appropriate indoor voices, shared crayons and had superb manners. They minded their P's and Q's. And they did not bother any customers by climbing over the back of their booth or crawling under the table.

We were so amazed to see such well-behaved children that we picked up their bill and asked that the waitress not tell them who picked it up, only why we picked it up.

If the gentleman who gave me the ticket reads this, thank you again.


Allegheny Township

Mike took time to help woman whose tunes wore down battery

Caution: Listening to tunes on your iPhone, while your car is turned off, will drain your battery. (Who knew?)

After this happened, my best friend and I were standing in the Starbucks parking lot in Bridgeville in front of my car, with the hood raised, when a very kind young man drove by in a tan Chevy SUV.

He stopped and said, "Are you ladies OK?"

When we told him our situation, and that we had jumper cables and were planning on trying to jump the battery ourselves for the first time (using a Google tutorial), he smiled and offered to assist.

Michael pulled his truck over, popped his hood and took care of the cables and battery, allowing me to avoid catastrophe and remain electrocution-free for the day.

He would not accept any gift or remuneration for his time or effort. "It's what I like to do," he simply said. I told him I would surely pay it forward.

Thank you, Michael, for being yourself; you must have some very proud family out there. You definitely have some very grateful new friends.


Mt. Lebanon

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