Sequestration will cost Allegheny County about $100,000 in federal clean air funds

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The federal government's inability to agree on a budget will cost the Allegheny County Health Department's air pollution program approximately $100,000.

But losing about 10 percent of the county's $1 million federal Environmental Protection Agency air quality grant won't hurt the department's monitoring and enforcement efforts, according to Jim Thompson, ACHD air quality program director, who mentioned the issue at the county Board of Health meeting Wednesday.

He said the county will be able to tap its Clean Air Fund to make up the difference. That county fund contains about $6 million in uncommitted money collected from fines and settlements of air pollution violations.

"We're going to take a hit in our EPA base grant," Mr. Thompson said. "But we'll have to make that up from the Clean Air Fund. As a result the impact won't be much."

Approximately $20.2 million of the health department's $37.2 million total budget comes from federal, state and private grants.

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