PG Archive: Play-by-Play Summary of Haddix's historic game

First published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on May 27, 1959

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Pirates – Schofield popped to Matthews, Virdon tapped in front of the plate and was thrown out by Crandall. Burgess flied to Covington.
Braves – Scholfield threw out O'Brien. Matthews lined to Nelson. Aaron flied to Virdon.
Pirates – Nelson singled to right. Skinner hit into a double play, Adcock to Logan to Adcock. Mazeroski struck out. One hit.
Braves – Adcock struck out. Mazeroski threw out Covington. Hoak threw out Crandell.
Pirates – Hoak beat out a bounder past the mound. Mejias forced Hoak, Matthews to O'Brien. Haddix smashed a single off Burdette's led and Melias was out trying for third. Logan to Matthews. Schofield singled to right sending Haddic to third. Virdon to Covington. Three hits, two left.
Braves – Plako flied to Mejias. Logan lined to Schofield. Burdette was called out on strikes.
Pirates – Burgess flied to Palko. O'Brien threw out Nelson. Skinner singled to right. Mazeroski flied to Palko. One hit, one left.
Braves – O'Brien was called out on strikes. Matthews flied to Virdon. Aaron also flied to Virdon.
Pirates – Logan threw out Hoak. Majias singled to right. Haddix hit into a double play. Matthews to O'Brien to Adcock. One hit.
Braves – Hoak threw out Adcock. Covington flied to Skinner. Crandall flied to Skiiner.
Pirates – O'Brien threw out Schofield. Virdon was out, Adcock to Burdette. Burgess flied to Covington.
Braves – Palko popped to Nelson. Schofield threw out Logan. Burdette struck out.
Pirates – rain began to fall. Burdette threw out Nelson. Skinner flied deep to Aaron. Mazeroski flied to Palko.
Braves – Hoak threw out O'Brien. Matthews struck out. Hoak threw out Aaron.
Pirates – Hoak struck out. Matthew threw out Majias. Logan threw out Haddix.
Braves – Adcock struck out. Covington flied to Skinner. Hoak threw out Crandall.
Pirates – O'Brien threw out Schofield. Virdon singled to center. Burgess flied to Palko. Nelson singled to right moving Virdon to third. Skinner was out. Adcock unassisted. Two hits, two left.
Braves – Palko strikes out. Logan flied to Skinner. Burdette struck out.
Pirates – O'Brien threw out Mazeroski. Hoak singled to left. Stuart batted for Mejias and flied deep to Palko. Burdette threw out Haddix. One hit, one left.
Braves – Christopher playing right field for Pittsburgh. Rice batted for O'Brien and flied deep to Virdon. Matthews also flied deep to Virdon. Schofield threw out Aaron.
Pirates – Mantilla playing second base for Milwaukee. Schofield singled off Burdette's bare hand. After failing to sacrifice Virdon forced Schofield, Mantilla to Logan. Burgess hit a grounder to Adcock who stepped on first and threw to Logan to double Virdon. One hit.
Braves – Schofield threw out Adcock. Covington flied to Virdon. Crandall flied to Virdon who raced to make a fine catch.
Pirates – Nelson flied to Covington who made a running catch in short left. Skinner lined to Adcock. Mazeroski bounced a single over second. Hoak forced Mazeroski, Logan to Mantilla. One hit, one left.
Braves – Haddix threw out Palko on a bouncer to the mound. Virdon ran into short left center for Logan's fly. Hoak made a great stop to Burdette's bounder to his left and threw him out.
Pirates – Christopher hit a bouncer to Burdette who threw him out. Palko came in for Haddix's liner, then had to leap to make the catch. Schofield dropped a single in left center. Mantilla threw out Virdon.
Braves – Mantilla hit a bounder to Hoak and when Hoak's throw bounced in front of Nelson and then past him, he became the first Brave to reach first base. There were scattered cheers from the stands when the scorer's decision of an error was announced. Matthews sacrificed, Haddix to Mazeroski. Aaron was purposely passed. Adcock, with the count of one ball and no strikes, hit a ball over the right centerfield fence. Aaron ran across the pitcher's mound instead of circling the bases. Adcock and Aaron went back and Umpire Dascoli ruled that Adcock was out for passing Aaron between second and third. Adcock got credit for a double. Since Aaron retraced his steps and crossed the plate his run counted. Two runs, one hit, one error.
(One run earned.)


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