Dog Missing for Over a Year Reunited With Owners

A couple in Del Valle, Texas have helped a long lost dog find her way home after the pooch showed up one day in the couple’s yard.

According to a report from KSDK News, Jason and April Ludwig saw something quickly move across their window one morning. When they went outside to investigate, they found Sadie, a dog that was in need of some care and attention.

The couple gave the thirsty pooch some water and brought her inside. They used the dog’s rabies tag to alert the authorities and find the dog’s rightful owners.

Sherry Payne, Sadie’s pet parent, lives in Leander, Texas, which is located more than an hour away from the Ludwig’s home. Payne told reporters that Sadie was missing for more than a year and she can’t believe that her dog is finally home.

Sadie was recently reunited with her owners and the joyful moment was caught on camera. The dog appeared to be thrilled with the reunion, and she wagged her tail with excitement as the Payne family showered her with attention and praise.

"I'm in shock really,’ Payne told reporters. ‘I just couldn't believe that after all that time she is back with us.’

On the same day that a news station was interviewing Jason and April for the story about Sadie, another stray dog wound up at their doorstep. The couple gave the dog multiple baths to get rid of fleas, and are searching for the owners. It looks like this couple is helping to reunite pets and their owners one dog at a time.

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First Published July 25, 2014 12:00 AM