Wackiest pet names -- from silly to sentimental

Many dogs are named Buddy or Bella, but Dunkin Butterbeans and Farrah Pawcett are probably one-of-a-kind canines.

“Here Kitty Kitty” may not summon felines given names like Obi Wan Catnobi and Winston Purchill.

The list is out: “Nationwide Reveals the Wackiest Pet Names of 2017.” The names were culled from the pet insurance company’s database of more than 600,000 clients. 

The top 10 dog and cat names were picked in a public vote.

Top Dogs

1) Dunkin Butterbeans

2) Farrah Pawcett

3) Fiona Penny Pickles

4) The Other Dude

5) Yeti Spaghetti

6) Colonel Mustache

7) Empress Tzu Tzu

8) Cheesbro

9) Tango Mango

10) Choo Choo Boo Boo

Top Cats

1) Little Booty Ham Sandwich

2) Obi Wan Catnobi

3) Winston Purrchill

4)The Great Catsby

5) Jabba the Butt

6) Isaac Mewton

7) Whiskerus Maximus

8) Ninja Killer Nine Thousand

9) Fifty Shades of Graham

10) Dog the Cat

Go to www.wackypetnames.com to see photos and bios of the top winners. The site lists the top 50 names for both dogs and cats.

Top dog Dunkin Butterbeans is a golden retriever whose name combines multiple elements of the owner’s whimsy, including the fact the dog lives in Boston, which is sometimes called “Beantown.”

Farrah Pawcett is a yellow Labrador retriever who lives in Houston. The moniker is a nod to another Texas blonde with a similar-sounding name.

The Great Catsby, mostly black in color and a resident of Raleigh, N.C., has an owner who was a literature major in college.

The Chicago owner of Obi Wan Catnobi is a “Star Wars” fan.

Dog names that I like from the Top 50 list include Barfolomew Barfonopolis, Casey at the Bat, Doc Howliday, Dog Marley, Tupaw Shakur and Zeus the Deuce.

Cat names that I like include Draco Meowfoy, Motley Crouton, Mrs. Meowgi, Pistachio Buttons, Reese Whiskerspoon, Thumbs Hemingway and Tom Brady the Cat. 

Each year Nationwide recognizes what they call “the most clever, creative and quirky pet names across the nation.”

The names “illustrate the thought and creativity pet owners put into naming their furry family members,” said Scott Liles, vice president and chief pet insurance officer for Nationwide. “Pets hold a special place in our members’ hearts ... many give them names with sentimental — and sometimes silly — meaning.” 

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