Forest Hills Dog Park opens

The Forest Hills Dog Park opened Tuesday with no fanfare or announcement.

Built within the main park off Ardmore Boulevard, it has a fenced area for small dogs and a separate one for large dogs. The park has no grass; the dogs’ playing surface is mulch. There are also wooded walking trails nearby, but those aren’t fenced. 

The official grand opening ceremony and dedication is scheduled for July 4 as part of the borough’s Community Day. Friends of the Forest Hills Dog Park raised about $15,000, and other money came from the state and borough. The total cost was estimated at more than $44,000, but final figures aren’t in yet.

Parking for the dog park is available at the foot of the hill off Ardmore Boulevard or at the top of the hill by the Forest Hills swimming pool.

The dog park does not have running water, so dog owners are advised to bring their own water.