Shelter seeks owner of injured, abused husky

A severely emaciated Siberian husky is recovering from surgery to treat a deep wound in his neck while Western Pennsylvania Humane Society investigators work to find the dog’s owner.

“Barney” is the name they’ve given him at the North Side shelter. Two men brought the dog in Wednesday and said they found him wandering on Race Street in Homewood.

Shelter veterinarian Kate Borland said a cable or wire embedded in the dog’s neck might have caused the wound. He had urine burns on his paws, injuries consistent with being confined in a small area, and he was severely underweight.

Despite all that, the blue-eyed, black and white dog “is acting like everybody is his best friend,” said shelter spokeswoman Kristen Lane.

Dogs that are severely malnourished have to be fed small amounts of food, which will be gradually increased.

Because of the severity of the neck wound, Barney was sent to Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in Ohio Township. Under general anesthesia, the wound was debrided, removing dead and unhealthy tissue.

Barney returned to the Humane Society Friday afternoon in good shape and good spirits, Ms. Lane said.

Anyone with information about the people responsible for the dog’s condition should call 412-321-4625, ext. 216. Tipsters may remain anonymous.

“We have been flooded with people who want to adopt Barney,” Ms. Lane said. He’s not ready for that yet because his medical condition and behavior will have to be evaluated for some time.”

Barney will get all the veterinary treatment he needs, but his bills are expected to be “in the thousands of dollars,” Ms. Lane said.

People can go to to make donations to support Barney’s treatment and the work of humane agents.

Linda Wilson Fuoco: or 412-263-1953.