Penguins' Sidney Crosby completes hour-long practice

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Penguins center Sidney Crosby said he "worked as hard as I possibly could out there" during an hour-long practice at Consol Energy Center this afternoon.

"That's probable the longest (I've gone) at that pace," he added.

The issue now is whether that exertion will cause Crosby to experience any concussion-related symptoms.


Crosby, who plans to participate in another on-ice workout Sunday, said he did not have any symptoms immediately after the practice, but won't know for a while whether some will develop.

"We'll have to see after a few days," he said.

Crosby has not received medical clearance to be involved in contact, and there is no indication when he will receive it.

He downplayed an apparent difference in perspectives among the professionals handling his case. Florida-based chiropractor Ted Carrick told WDVE-FM Friday that he believes Crosby "is as ready for contact as any other NHL player," while concussion specialist Michael Collins, a clinical neuropsychologist, clearly does not agree--and affirmed that Dr. Charles Burke, the team physician, will have the final say on when clearance for contact is granted.

"I want to get back," he said. "I'm doing everything I can, in my power, to make sure that's as soon as possible, but that being said, there are necessary steps to take, and I have to make sure I do that."

Crosby has not played since being diagnosed with a concussion Jan. 6.


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