Ruth Ann Dailey

 Jonah Winter's "How Jelly Roll Morton Invented Jazz" is illustrated by Keith Mallet.

Ruth Ann Dailey: Perfect Pittsburgh story revolves 'round Jelly Roll

Pianist Tom Roberts and kids’ author Jonah Winter magically came together over a passion for Jelly Roll Morton. Go see the results.

2 days ago

Ruth Ann Dailey: The pope's message and Boehner's exit, through a media filter

Why are our society’s polarized disagreements on serious topics the primary concern in both the pope and Boehner news narratives?

1 week ago

Ruth Ann Dailey: It's that moment again in America

Which presidential candidate has the right message and image for this fraught moment?

2 weeks ago

 Kim Davis, Sept. 3, in the Carter County Detention Center.

Ruth Ann Dailey / Dear Kim Davis: Faith and liberty can coexist

We shouldn’t be forced to violate our respective beliefs. That’s why Kim Davis should find a better way to recover her constitutional

1 month ago