Reg Henry

Reg Henry: Nothing to fear except fearful common sense

Common sense suggests we defeat Islamic terrorism with the help of decent Muslims who want to be our friends.

2 days ago

Reg Henry: It’s best for us to carry on, calm or not

The British slogan that never got to promote wartime sang-froid is subject to endless jokey variations today. We were once amused.

1 week ago

 Fitbits: modern-day torture devices

Reg Henry: Fitbit and other algorithms of tyranny

Much of modern living makes life worse. Exhibit A: Fitbit, the intrusive device that disables the body’s natural state (such as, repose).

2 weeks ago

Reg Henry: GOP’s media complaints are laughable

The CNBC debate reminded me a bit of Oscar Wilde’s famous quip about fox hunting — the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable.

3 weeks ago

Reg Henry: All-day breakfast is a half-baked idea

Breakfast all day sounds like a bit more than we should bite off.

1 month ago