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David Brooks: Back to the future on campus

Universities should offer lessons on the spiritual and moral dimensions of life.

about 14 hours ago

 Protesters outside a temporary prison that held Pinkerton detectives after the 1892 Homestead Steel Strike.

The Homestead battle revisited

Locked-out workers are again fighting for their families and communities.

about 14 hours ago

 Vice President Joe Biden

Biden’s ghosts

They likely won’t haunt him as long as he’s undeclared.

1 day ago

Promoting growth

PPG and the chemical industry need help that lawmakers can provide.

1 day ago

Fred Hiatt : A gun-free society

It’s time for America to set its sights higher, for safety’s sake.

1 day ago

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Conservatives must be called to account for evasion on guns

Is a dangerous and harebrained absolutism about weaponry really the issue on which American conservatives want to practice exceptionalism?

2 days ago

George F. Will: Finding our place in the universe

The Webb telescope will continue Hubble’s work of unlocking information.

2 days ago

As Others See It: Cuba is slacking on reforms

President Barack Obama should clearly tell Raul Castro what he expects of Havana.

2 days ago

 The new PNC Tower Downtown under construction.

Here’s how to fill those construction jobs

Make sure workers are paid fairly and kept safe on the job site, urges union leader.

3 days ago

 Unlike every other advanced country, the United States permits drug companies to charge patients whatever they choose.

The $750 pill: Why do drug companies charge so much?

Because they can. It’s time that the U.S. moves to stop price-gouging by the pharmaceutical industry.

3 days ago

Fix Pennsylvania’s awful property-tax system

Statewide reform is needed.

3 days ago

Preschool can be worse than no school

The fact is, we don’t know as much as we think we do about the effectiveness of preschool.

3 days ago

The Democratic threat to Obamacare

Candidates are caving in to union pressure to repeal a provision that holds down health care costs.

3 days ago

 Elsie Henderson, a former cook at Fallingwater for the Kaufmann family, in 2008.

The Next Page: Recipe for happiness

At 102, former Fallingwater chef Elsie Henderson keeps busy with friends and relives her adventures with the Kaufmanns.

3 days ago

Saturday Diary: Living where there’s liquor on every corner

Dear Pennsylvanians: Out here in Arizona, you can buy wine, beer and liquor just about everywhere, even at the local CVS.

4 days ago

Paul Krugman: The blackmail caucus

Boehner and Co. set back the economic recovery.

4 days ago

 Hilary Masters, 1928-2015

First Person: Remembering Hilary Masters

He was always writing something “good lately.”

4 days ago

Saturday Poem: Joe Magarac

Sired in an iron ore mountain, / cradled in a Bessemer furnace on the Mon, / soothed by roaring flames, Joe Magarac grew ...

4 days ago

Charles Krauthammer: Putin has pulled off a victory over Obama in Syria

President Barack Obama has, once again, been totally outmaneuvered by Vladimir Putin.

4 days ago

Nicholas Kristof: Yes, we can defeat poverty

Let me tell you some good news you may not have heard.

5 days ago

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama in the Oval Office

Fix the U.S.-Israel special relationship

Netanyahu’s disrespect for an American president is unprecedented.

5 days ago

 Vladimir Putin is launching airstrikes in Syria while Barack Obama tries to sort out which Islamic extremists the United States can work with in the region.

Russia goes to war in Syria

Putin takes action while Obama parses words.

6 days ago

An outbreak of candor on Hillary Clinton

It looks like the Benghazi investigations have been all about damaging her presidential prospects.

6 days ago

Jennifer Graham: Fat-fixing vs. fat-shaming 

Respecting everyone shouldn’t mean accepting obesity.

6 days ago

 Donald Trump holds a Bible as he speaks during the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition's annual fall dinner in Des Moines.

Joe Nocera: Is Trump serious?

My guess is he’ll drop out before actual votes are cast.

1 week ago

Pope Francis for president

Our own politicians have forgotten who they work for.

1 week ago


Charles M. Blow: ‘Free stuff’ for black folk

Jeb Bush insults black people, who just want equal opportunities, not handouts.

1 week ago

Banks are putting family businesses at unnecessary risk

They are adopting the wrong credit-card technology.

1 week ago

 A young girl listens as GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump talks during a campaign rally in Oklahoma City.

Back to the future with Donald Trump

I remember when another presidential candidate once outran expectations.

1 week ago

 Pope Francis waves as he prepares to address the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Ross Douthat: Liberal Christianity’s spring

It remains to be seen if the same winter that enveloped liberal Protestantism after the 1960s will claim Franciscan Catholicism.

1 week ago

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Boehner’s impossible task

Boehner was a deal-maker who took over the House speakership at a moment when making deals had, for many Republicans, become a mortal sin.

1 week ago

On the brink of peace: Colombians hope for an end to decades of bloodshed

For as long as most Colombians can remember, their country has been at war with itself.

1 week ago

 Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney has been a major force in promoting more minority hiring in the NFL.

The long reach of the Rooney Rule

NFL policies are inspiring minority-hiring initiatives in society at large.

1 week ago

 Forum, September 27, 2015 Illustration by Daniel Marsula Pistol, gun, hitching post, western  The not-so-Wild West  America has a long history of gun ownership, but it also has a long history of gun control, explains professor JENNIFER TUCKER   A shootout in the New York borough of Brooklyn this month had bystanders diving for cover and led to the death of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s legal aide. Two television journalists were killed by a gunman while broadcasting in Virginia on Aug. 28. These, and many other, incidents — and the fact that murder rates are spiking in the United States after decades of decline — have put the issue of gun control back in the public spotlight.  Sounds just like the Wild West?  Not really.  Contrary to its name, the Wild West was the setting for the passage of some of the nation’s first gun-control laws. In 19th-century frontier towns, people couldn’t just walk around with guns in hand. Many Americans are probably unaware that the iconic 1881 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, in Tombstone, Ariz., arose because Deputy Marshal Virgil Earp was trying to enforce a city ordinance prohibiting anyone from carrying a deadly weapon in town.  Contrast that to today: This year it is projected that almost as many Americans (32,000) will be killed in firearm-related incidents as die in automobile accidents.  Not only has Congress failed to enact significant legislation to tackle the problem, earlier this summer, it extended limits on the Centers for Disease Control even researching the underlying causes of gun violence: to collect data, for example, on where killers get their guns.  Our nation’s lax attitude toward gun proliferation in American towns and cities is not the result of the unfolding of history. It seems, rather, that Hollywood’s version of cowboy culture and the fictional gunfighter has displaced the real historical record, as Richard Slotkin noted in his book “Gunfighter Nation” (1998), and had a powerful influence over public dis

The not-so Wild West

America has a long history of gun ownership, but it also has a long history of gun control.

1 week ago

My father, the priest

He may be married, but he still thinks Catholic priests should be celibate. I disagree.

1 week ago

Executions dehumanize everyone

Having worked in corrections for decades, I hope Pennsylvania abolishes the death penalty.

1 week ago

Gail Collins: The pope and Clark Gable

Francis is helping the church to focus less on sex, sex, sex

1 week ago

 Hilary Masters in his North Side home.

The Next Page: The storied life of Hilary Masters

The late writer who made Pittsburgh his home produced a body of work that yearns to be rediscovered.

1 week ago

Saturday Diary: What men deserve

Some of them seem to think they’re entitled to any woman they desire.

1 week ago

Paul Krugman: Corporate cheaters unchained

Business predators prove the need for regulation.

1 week ago

 Ahmed Mohammed, clockmaker

First Person: Blowing a fuse

What’s going on when kids get cuffed for making clocks?

1 week ago

Saturday Poem: 20 words for love

Ku’la, a language with / one speaker left, has / 20 words for love . . .

1 week ago

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

Donald Trump may have one of the most elaborate combovers in history -- but he’s very proud of the fact that it’s his real hair.

1 week ago

Charles Krauthammer: Double suicide -- the presidential campaign of 2015

One party is marching to the coronation of a deeply wounded presidential candidate; the other party is flamboyantly shooting at itself.

1 week ago

 Sen. Marco Rubio selectively follows the advice of Pope Francis.

Margaret Carlson: Francis challenges GOP Catholics

What’s a candidate to do when the pope disagrees with primary voters?

1 week ago

Make the VA accountable

There’s no excuse for the VA’slong-standing record of neglect.

1 week ago

 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chairman Yasser Arafat as they signed the Oslo Accords in 1993

Thomas L. Friedman: See evil, hear evil, speak evil

The assassination of Rabin is a warning for U.S. politicians.

1 week ago

As Others See It: The Democratic candidates need more debates

But apparently the DNC is doing the bidding of the Clinton campaign by limiting their number and reach.

1 week ago

 Police investigate a shot-up car in Homewood.in 2010.

What Homewood could be

Major investments are needed to make all of Pittsburgh livable.

2 weeks ago

As Others See It: Women in combat

Decisions should be based on what’s best for the country.

2 weeks ago