Corporations are engaged in a war of avarice against citizens

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George F. Will’s column “Inversions Are Sensible” (Aug. 18) makes me wonder how dumb he must think we Americans are. He thinks Maytag closing its Illinois plant and shipping these well-paying union jobs to Mexico is sensible and that so-called right-to-work states are sensible even though they are a misnomer, where many workers can’t exist without Medicaid and food stamps. California, where good-paying jobs are making a comeback because of the raise in the minimum wage, is seen as a disaster to him and his ilk, and Texas with its painfully low wages and living standard is the new success story by his standards.

Now he says the new sensible idea is inversions. The corporations are able to stay in this country, pay poverty wages and open an office in a foreign country, call it home and save 10 to 15 percent on their taxes.

As I watched the TV news, there was a story about back-to-school shopping. School supplies are 20 percent higher this year than last year. More families are shopping at resale shops to clothe their children. Giant Eagle asks shoppers for a dollar donation toward school supplies for needy families. I raised two girls myself back in the 1970s. I was able to afford school supplies for them. I made a dollar over minimum wage. I don’t think I would make it in today’s economy.

It’s a sad day when an intelligent man such as Mr. Will passes off these things as sensible. Not too long ago he would have been called un-American. Now the corporations are so greedy that enough is never enough — every dime has to be taken and workers are treated as collateral damage in this war of avarice. New industrialists need to learn what Henry Ford knew: Workers need to earn enough to buy what they produce.

Canton Township


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