Easy access to guns is ruining our country

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Hands up. Don’t shoot.

As I sat in a movie theater the other day I found myself wondering, is anyone here armed? What have we become? A country that believes an armed populace is a safe populace?

So the cops have guns because the criminals have guns.

Why do the criminals have guns?

Because they’re so easy to get — that’s it. High-powered weaponry that belongs on a field of battle is just what everybody needs to have next to their bed in case the bad guy comes.

I’m not going to get a gun.

And I’m angry. I’m angry at the shooting of innocent children, whether it happened at Sandy Hook Elementary or in Ferguson, Missouri. I’m angry with the grandmother who shot her little grandson because she thought the noise at her door was a burglar. I’m sad for the family of the Texas woman who was slain by a stray bullet in Georgia. (After coming out of a bar somehow a man shot himself in the hand. That bullet traveled and killed the woman.)

Now a company offers bulletproof book bags for children. Great. Let’s all live in bunkers. Let’s all wear bulletproof clothing. No. No!

What have we become? We got so angry with drunken driving that it’s no longer a “whoops” crime, it’s serious. Why can’t we get angry about gun violence?

And I’m not talking about the guy who likes to hunt or go shoot skeet.

My hands are up. Don’t shoot.



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