Regional radio didn’t need more conservative talk

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I was saddened by the news that a popular radio station, and my favorite, was changing from oldies music to a talk format (“Longtime Radio Hosts Say Farewell: Departure of Two Familiar Voices Marks Sale of WJAS Station,” Aug. 6). After the initial sadness of losing a good friend I suddenly panicked wondering what kind of talk station this would now become. I have missed the more liberal talk show that used to be on in the mornings and hoped that maybe a liberal talk show would come back.

Well, earlier this week, I turned on the radio to my old favorite station and my worst fears came true. I heard the voice of the bloated, bloviating, hate-filled Rush Limbaugh. The sound of his voice physically sickens me. 

I switched to another station immediately, but then I got scared. Isn’t this man on other stations in the area? How many stations should someone be allowed to be on in an area before his message is all we are hearing?

We seem to be having fewer and fewer options of what we hear. It is frightening to think of what is in store for us if this continues.



Mt. Lebanon

WJAS is soothing no more

For years, we could listen to soothing music. Now they changed WJAS to a talk show station. We could whistle while we worked. Heaven knows we listen to enough troubles.

It was always great to make the world go away, get it off my shoulders.

Jack Bogut, Chilly Billy Cardille and the others made us forget our troubles and feel happy.

With the good music, even many drivers were more relaxed. A smiles was contagious, instead of a frown.

I wish the people responsible for this change would bring back our good music.

Mount Oliver

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