Obama’s mantra is to ignore what needs to be done

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Years ago, our family teased each other with a mantra: “When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

It seems that President Barack Obama has adopted a variation when faced with difficult situations such as chemical warfare in Syria, now a new caliphate pledged to destroy the United States, children streaming across our southern border and a developing war between Israel and Palestinians.

His mantra appears to be: When in danger or in doubt, play golf (or pool); take a trip in my taxi (Air Force One) at taxpayer expense; and hold more fundraisers.

Apparently what appear to be crises to others are actually mere distractions to him. His response to the dangers facing us in international affairs has been to continue his task of dismantling the military by laying off Army officers, some currently on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

His response to the invasion of Gaza and shooting down of a passenger aircraft over Ukraine last week was predictable. It is the same as his response to Benghazi and other disasters: Do what he is qualified to do — hold photoshoots and fundraisers. I guess his actions to show the Russians we take their expansionist policies seriously will be to support the Ukrainian military by sending them more C-rations and by sending more pink slips to the military.


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