Fox News is the only truly fair network

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Fox News bashing is a constant theme by your letter writers, and I manage to dismiss it considering the sources — those who buy into the propaganda of the far left loons, including the most vile and hateful network of them all, MSNBC, and the politically clueless. But letter writer Dave Ninehouser (“Tragic Media Noise,” June 13) has taken absurdity to a new level. Who is he to claim that Fox News listeners have had our reasoning processes manipulated and subverted by Fox? What are his qualifications to decide our intelligence, and who is he to determine what is “real information” and what is not? Liberals are all for free speech but only if they’re doing the speaking. Disagree with them and they consider us idiots and want us silenced. Well, we will not be silenced.

The first step in taking over a country is controlling the media. There is nothing the leftist media (the majority), the despicable far-left websites and the Obama administration would like better than to silence Fox — the only true fair-and-balanced network. If you haters actually watched and listened to Fox with an open mind, you would realize that both the left and right are evenly represented in their debates. The elite media have protected and defended President Barack Obama since day one, carefully choosing what to report and what to ignore. Consequently, journalism has sunk to an all-time low. Because Fox reports all of the news, it is attacked. Without Fox we’d all be pawns.

There is a major story coming out of the border right now with thousands of illegal immigrant children pouring into our country from Central America and Mexico due to Mr. Obama’s lax immigration policy. Estimates are 90,000 this year and 140,000 next year. It’s a humanitarian and fiscal nightmare. And Mr. Obama says our borders are secure? Not surprisingly, Fox has been ahead of other television networks in reporting on it.

My beloved America is hurting, and I can only hope it survives the next two-and-a-half years of this inept administration. How many more lies, cover-ups, bad decisions and scandals can this country endure? And before you throw your usual race card at me, if Ben Carson runs in 2016, I’ll vote for him in a New York minute. That brilliant man has common sense and a respect for the Constitution — something lacking in this White House.

West Deer

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