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Regarding conflicts between entities that require legislators’ input, as in UPMC and Highmark:

From my view looking on, it seems that the longer these entities pour tons of money into the legislators’ pockets via lobbying, those same legislators will continue to play the game. Academy Awards all around.

They have played this game with any and all issues that need some real common-sense thought by our representatives, who seem to not be able to decide any issue (whether they are Democrats or Republicans). They all already have very fine salaries and health coverage, plus many perks that are never reported to the general public. These representatives seem to forget that they do not have to fight the economic downturn, as most of us have to do.

Somehow all entities of health care have found loopholes to raise prices on drugs, office visits, surgeries, etc., and this is all costing us more and more. There are also those entities that don’t pay property taxes, and we citizens have to ante up to make up for them. More and more children in schools need to apply for the free lunch program, as their parents do not make a livable wage.

Why don’t health care entities pay their help a livable wage instead of paying the politicians lobby money? It might be beneficial to hospitals in many ways. They would have workers who will be truly helpful and loyal, as they are being paid a just wage.

A country is only as strong as its leaders. When will these changes begin? Maybe when we vote the present representatives out of office and new ones in to give us a new beginning.


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